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In this meditation we are astral traveling with a Guide called Ishmael, who is also channeling through Miriam. Geoff:     Sitting here in meditation my body temperature has not changed and I have not felt hot or cold.  This feeling of coolness comes from the trees (that I am seeing in astral) and it’s a different form of vibration.   I can feel the coldness without feeling cold. Miriam (Ishmael)     Yes, you can.  So many, many different vibrations there are. Geoff:     Yes.  Now, I’m moving over these trees at high speed and I can feel the “green” of the trees and this coolness going up my arms.  I’m playing with it, experimenting and so on.  I continue to a valley, more hills and now to an area of rocks.  Quite a rugged area and there are what look like two huge circular galvanised objects like water tanks… and two radio masts.  It seems to be some – like a mining operation that has collapsed or whatever.  I’m looking inside these tanks – inside one there’s a huge crystal. Miriam (Ishmael)     That is so. Geoff:     It’s about 6ft. across with many sides to it as though it’s been properly polished like a diamond.  It’s a purple/mauve sort of color.  It is on top of just rock, and surrounding it is just galvanised iron from the water tank.  Before I get closer, I’ll look in the other tank….. and what is in here is seed. It doesn’t quite make sense so I’ll go back to this crystal. Miriam (Ishmael)     Yes, you do that. Geoff:     I’m sitting on this crystal at the moment and I have with me a very friendly creature which seems to be about to be born. Miriam (Ishmael)     Yes. Geoff:     It looks like – the head and tail are like a gecko but the arms and legs are very long.  It has elbows and has short hair sort of a bit prickly.  It has a great sense of – it has a strong intelligence.  I can feel strong love towards it, and coming from it.  It seems to be enveloped in like thick cobweb, which I’m now removing which is its hatching. Miriam (Ishmael)     Yes. Geoff:     I’m sitting on a rock facing this thing and standing up on all fours its head is the same height as my head and I’m sitting down.  It must be 8 or 9ft. long and has this tremendous attachment to me. Now, it lives on earth in a different dimension. Miriam (Ishmael)     Yes, it will. Geoff:     What I am is a connection to a different dimension.  It doesn’t see me as a parent because I helped it hatch.  It sees me as a – some form of higher being or controller.  Let’s just say more developed being for the time being because this is all it knows.  This is all the understanding it has been given for this particular life.  It will live its life on earth.  This is funny because what I’m seeing is the earth that it runs on, the mountains that it goes up and down are exactly the same as on earth now – but it is in a different dimension whereas in reality now there is a town there, but where the creature is there is not a town.  So the basics are the same but its way life has developed which shows that there are parallel lines. Miriam (Ishmael)     Yes, there are and you had a different dimension last week and the week before. Geoff:     So where we are sitting now on earth there could be the same earth here, which is the basis – instead of a house it could be a council or Roman soldiers or whatever. Miriam (Ishmael)     Yes, it could. Geoff:     Time is different.  I’m just going back to this creature.  I’m letting it go now and it runs off now to begin its life. Miriam (Ishmael)     And you will be in touch with different levels like that in the future. Geoff:     Now, the object of the crystal was the energy to create this thing. Miriam (Ishmael)     It was. Geoff:     We assume that – we only know breeding to be through one way – the animal, the fish, the people, that’s all we know but there are many other ways of creating. Miriam (Ishmael)     Oh, yes. Geoff:     This is wonderful. The thought forms were put into the crystal and the experiences required by this very – let’s call it a novice, he’s still growing, hasn’t yet developed spiritually, and only needs a certain amount of knowledge to live this particular life on earth before it goes on to the next stage, so what the teachers have done is give him a certain amount of knowledge and then decided what shape he will be and length and size and color and so on.  That is all put into the crystal which is then put into a specific area which will slowly create this creature.  It’s like building a jigsaw – they put in piece by piece until it is complete and then let it go. What seems very strange is that as this hatching was taking place – it started off very small and in no time at all grew to its maximum size and scuttled off. Miriam (Ishmael)     Yes. Geoff:     The crystal that is there now takes in information to create something else.  It’s like the spirits have decided what’s going to be created next and they use the crystal to create it. Miriam (Ishmael)     That is right.  Something completely different to the group soul of the animals that you know. Geoff:     Right – well, now we’ll leave this one.

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