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AN INTELLIGENT ENERGY   By SpiritualDictionary.com

In this meditation (1992) I am experiencing the lesson, and a Guide called Mr Wu is channeling through Miriam. Geoff: Now I’m getting a red sun – a red circle. I’m going closer and closer to this red circle. It’s a globe, not a circle. Translucent on the outside and its energy inside is red, yellow and orange. I’ve actually gone inside it and got back out again. It’s quite claustrophobic. I’m running my hands all over it – I’m trying to feel what it does. This is another form of transport in a way. Not for people. Miriam (Mr Wu) No. Geoff: It just shot of at a zillion miles an hour and came back again. So it must be for conveying ……. It collects thoughts and thought forms! Miriam (Mr Wu) But what thought forms? What thought forms would go and be brightened. Geoff: Spiritual Development. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes. Geoff: So as people progress and develop this information is carried back to one central point, where it is monitored, I suppose, so somebody can keep track of progress all the time. Miriam (Mr Wu) Oh yes, they do. How else would they send your progress to far off fields to contact others? Geoff: Yes. What I will do now is go with one of these things. I’ll go to a distant planet. Right. I’m in an area, which is a galaxy. The formation of the stars is something that you’ve never seen on earth. It’s a bit like being in the center of the milky way where there are just stars everywhere. Stars and planets and I’m just sort of suspended in amongst this lot. I know the nearest one is – I don’t know, thousands or millions of miles away or whatever, I am just completely surrounded by all of this. What is in front of me – you know, I was expecting to go to a planet Miriam (Mr Wu) But you’re not. Geoff: I haven’t got to a planet – I’m stuck between planets, and what is in front of me looks like a ball of – the color is black/blue ink, and it’s almost like jelly. It moves, it pulsates, and although it is dark it’s not evil at all – it’s just suitable for its environment. It’s a very intelligent life force- that knows me. It knows of me through this … Miriam (Mr Wu) Sphere Geoff: Sphere, which carries information around. It has just a minute or so ago picked up the information from this sphere that I wanted to travel and therefore said, “bring him here”, which it did. Miriam (Mr Wu) Very good. Geoff: I’ve gone inside, and I can see a lot of cylindrical shapes at the front, and there’s like a semi-circular land at the back. I don’t think this is normal – it was just created for my convenience. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes. Geoff: The outer hull of this sphere is full of criss-crossing energy – fine lines and millions of different colors when you look close, and dots. It’s all energy. All thought forms that the – I presume there’s somebody here – I’ll have a look in a minute – all the thought forms this person has and sees, automatically goes into the hull of this sphere and is stored. Nothing is lost. Miriam (Mr Wu) Nothing lost. And that is just one of many. Geoff: Hmm. The person or creature that is here is – it’s part of the whole thing. The whole thing is one living entity Miriam (Mr Wu) That’s it. Geoff: …and because I was trying so hard to look for a shape, a face, a head or whatever, it produced one for me, connected to the ship. It doesn’t have to be because the ship is itself is all one unit. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes. Each sphere gathers up information, not just from an area but from how different people are developing, so each represents a different stage. Much easier then to contact. Geoff: Yes, but this life force seems to be lacking emotion. No, that’s not quite right. It’s a very high intelligence. Miriam (Mr Wu) Very high, indeed. Geoff: And the emotion that we have is very primitive to it…. Miriam (Mr Wu) Oh yes. Geoff: …..and that’s why it gave me that feeling which it immediately apologised for. It’s of such a high intelligence that I cannot really communicate comfortably with it or it’s not comfortable communicating with me. Miriam (Mr Wu) You would not be able to communicate properly. Geoff: But it just shows me. Alright, now I’ve gone out and it just disappears. Now, I am still in this area, so there must be more to see……..  

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