Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

AREA FOR COLLECTING ENERGY By The Spiritual Dictionary

In this meditation a regular guide called Iffy is channeling through Miriam. Geoff – Now that scene just suddenly faded and I am now in a village in Holland I think. Miriam (Iffy) – Or Belgium? Geoff – Yes could be, yep it is Dutch, it is a village that has a town, and I am in the main street, which is very small it is almost cobbled but the unusual thing is the houses on either side are not straight, they go in continuing curves, like a lot of “s” joined together, only sight curves, but most unusual. I think the architecture at the time when they were built, because it is very old, they couldn’t build very straight and they thought that if the lines were not perfect it wouldn’t look good, so they decided to go with these, like a row of houses, all with slight curves. Miriam (Iffy) – And one must admit there is more character in curves than in straight lines. Geoff – There certainly is, there is a lot of black and white and thatch. Now there is one house on the left, that is circular, two storey’s and very happy. I have gone inside and it’s an area for collecting energy, in the center, as before instead of slim pole going into the ground, this is a thick wooden pole made of several segments, and it is probably five or six feet thick and extends from the top of the house down to the floor. And this collects a lot of energy but a different type, it is energy that is used to look after the village. I have gone up to the top level, and it is empty, and it is darker than below, I take it there are two types of energy that is being stored. Miriam (Iffy) – That is so. Geoff – What is below is gold, sunshine colour, very strong, what is above is a darker colour, it is not from the dark side, actually, it is from the dark side. Miriam (Iffy) – Aha a puzzle, not always what you see is what it seems. Geoff – Yes, it is a balance, it is an area which is most unusual, the sprits that use the energy in that area, have sort of said, we will call a truce, we will have half dark and half light. Funny enough they live in harmony, the dark side are not as dark as we think, the white side knows this and knows that they are living in basic harmony and they are actually developing. Miriam (Iffy) – Yes, it not that completely different? And why do you think they tolerate each other? Geoff – Well I think that the white side is in control because they can see that the dark side is learning valuable lessons, and they have not yet gone totally dark. Miriam (Iffy) – Yes that is it, and it works, for quite often people will copy what they see if they think it is going to be beneficial. They rebel at first, because they think it is not what they want, and then gradually they may change their mind. Geoff – Hmm, I have just looked around the dark side and there is nothing really more there, I think it was just to show me the difference, so we will move on. Miriam (Iffy) – You are quite right.

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