Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation a guide called Grey Wolf is channeling through Miriam.
Geoff – I am in a suburb, of Japan and in front of me is a very beautiful place, it is small and compact and it has tall iron gates but very thin, certainly not there for strength, just for show. The house is very beautiful, lots of flowers and colour, it is very clean and the layout is very balanced artistically, and what we are going to meet here is a teacher. Without going into the house I can feel his presence, and I can feel the balancing, which he has done in this particular home, and I think that is what he wants to teach – balancing. This is very interesting because he is inside and I am outside, the home where he lives is so beautiful and so well balanced, and yet it sits in a very small area, and you wouldn’t think that something so beautiful would fit into this area, it is just the way it is designed. It is so comfortable and so beautiful, behind the house are trees, lots of trees which grow right up to the perimeter, the boundary of his land, which is maybe a tenth of an acre, that’s all. He has come onto the doorstep to greet me and he is basically saying that this is his sanctuary, a very comfortable place where he can relax and be totally at peace. We have gone inside the house now, and again inside it is so warm and comfortable, and so beautifully laid out, there is polished wood everywhere, the floor is wood and lots of beams for support going up, the lighting is very relaxing. The lounge area is very basic, there are just two long benches with cushions on but so comfortable. He has made the best use out of the space, the kitchen is a pleasure to work in, and it overlooks the lounge, the colours, the way everything is arranged, he is showing me all the things necessary for working in the kitchen, which he does on his own, he enjoys creating meals. In the back are the sleeping quarters, and there are no real possessions in this house, his possessions are memories and skills that he has, the memories are stored in the house as well. So others can use the skills and when they need to get away, and need sanctuary, guidance, communicating with spirit, they can come along and use this house. For he enjoys the company and he loves to help and because he understands dimensions he can entertain many people all at once, yet individually. Miriam (Grey Wolf) – Wouldn’t that be a lovely thing to do now? Geoff – Oh yes, it certainly would. There is still one room to go in, it is very special, a meditation room, which I shall go in, in a minute. There are memories throughout, and there is contact with him throughout for instance he could physically be miles away and yet his presence is still there. The energy that he has left contains his signature, so you can feel his presence and the peace that the gives off. He himself is obviously very highly advanced and he teaches, I am just trying to see if he is in this life at the moment, no he is not in this life, he lived in that house many, many years ago, it looks totally different now, but what he has done is he has continued to live in that house and he has continued to improve it, and he keeps this in astral, I presume. It is something that he has built, now over at the other side you can create what you want, and what he has done is he has created this for the use of others, not for himself, and he has put into it all the experiences that he has obtained from the other side and the access to those experiences should you qualify for it. It is something that I can use at any time in the future and in fact take others there, but I will use it when I need advice from an independent source, or when I need to make up my mind without being influenced by others. It is a protected sanctuary, and by protected, I mean we know we always have protection, but this has a special protection and it is only for use by specific people. Now as we were discussing earlier with this particular group, I can go to this sanctuary and there will be no thoughts this group could monitor, because of telepathy, I could discuss with various guides and others all aspects of the group and what is best to be done, and they would not be able to see what I was doing. So it is a safe haven. The meditation room on the side, there is no need to go in there at the moment, for that is for more information and more energy, but I do not need access to it yet, there is no point in going in there and looking at information which could……… Miriam (Grey Wolf) – Alter your judgment? Geoff – Yes, thank you. I am asking him for his name, he gives it as Tanin. Which is not his Japanese name it is his spiritual name, how he is most commonly known. And it is funny now, I am withdrawing from the area and there was no goodbye’s or whatever which is to show me that it is for use whenever. Miriam (Grey Wolf) – Yes, you will be there many times. Geoff – But what a beautiful place. Miriam (Grey Wolf) – I also go there. Geoff: Thank you so much.

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