Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this session Verna is doing the healing and Dr. Paul is the guide channeling through Miriam. Verna: I keep getting broken arms but I can’t see anything yet. Miriam (Dr Paul) You will. Verna: It’s a lady – a middle aged lady. Well no, she’s…she’s like….she’s a granny. Miriam (Dr Paul) Yes but she looks young – she looks young for her age. Verna: And she has had a broken arm, and the elbow won’t mend. She has terrible pain and the elbow is frozen like my shoulder was. Miriam (Dr Paul) That is right and you know what that felt like, so you know what she is going through. Now you’re going to tell us what you will do to her. Verna: They’re giving me the color of blood red – it’s the first time we’ve ever had that color in healing, and we must take the joint in the elbow and wrap it in this blood red color. Miriam (Dr Paul) And where? Verna: Inside between the ligaments and the bone Miriam (Dr Paul) Yes. I was going to ask you where but you have answered. Verna: …..and that will give her the warmth and the mobility and circulation. And she will be able to do her exercises more freely without so much pain, and while she’s here they’re asking us to do her one toe. It is enormous – it’s like twice the size. Miriam (Dr Paul) And are you picking up what caused it? Verna: That was from the same accident that broke her arm. Miriam (Dr Paul) It was – yes it was. Verna: And it also won’t mend. The blood has clotted and the toes – black. Miriam (Dr Paul) And how are you going to heal that or get it on the road for healing. Verna: I’m getting that we should change the black color slowly to grey, and Luke once again is to put his hand over the lady’s toe. We just hold her toe and the black will turn to grey, the grey will slowly fade away to a neutral color – white I suppose. Charcoal first. Miriam (Dr Paul) Very good. Verna: Paler and paler and when you look down the toe won’t be healed – it will still be black but it will gradually now start healing. Miriam (Dr Paul) Yes. Verna: And they’re taking her away now.

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