Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


In this meditation (1992) we were called to help someone in trouble. I am seeing in Astral and one of the Guides is channeling through Miriam Geoff – The woman that has asked for us to help is wearing a veil. What I’m seeing is a damaged – a very badly damaged building. I think it’s in Beirut and the building has either been blown up or bombed, or whatever and all the rubble has come down and settled on the ground floor. The woman in question is seeking help for an old lady who is very spiritual, who is buried below. Guide: She has been waiting patiently. Geoff – She will be found – she will be rescued but it is her – her will – she’s losing her will to carry on. She’s very spiritual and she does an awful lot of good in the area. Guide: The old lady chose this life – she does an awful lot of good in that area and she is very old but she still has more work to do. When she started to regain consciousness she thought then that her time had come and now was time to pass over, and be happy and fit and healthy again on the other side, and started to look forward to it. She started to lose the life from her body. There is more work for her to do, and what we must put back, is her will to carry on for just a little longer before she can pass over. She has a few years more. The work she will do will be very important, and she will teach a lot of new people who will spread the word forever, and will help in the troubles in Beirut. I can feel the emotion that she feels, sort of saying, “Oh dear, oh, not again. I’ve got to go back and suffer for a bit longer” Especially as she is very old, physically weak and now she has serious damage – not all that serious – to her physical body and she also knows it is going to be some time before they can clear the rubble above her to free her. But she needs re-assurance, a bit of upliftment, to be able to carry on. She will lose consciousness which is fine and that is what the spirit doctor is doing. Her will has been repaired, uplifted. She has agreed to carry on, although disappointed that she is not passing over yet. She’s agreed to, and the doctors have made her unconscious and looked after her physical problems. She will stay that way until she is rescued so that she suffers no more physical fear or pain at this stage. Guide: It is very difficult to leave once you have reached – almost reached – the other side and have it within sight. But she has much work to do. Geoff – Yes. She did not hesitate when she was asked to return. But the feeling in her heart, her heart sank because she’s got to go in there, and do more work just when she thought all the suffering was over. But, she will be fine. And her daughter above – the daughter above seems to be in her physical, and yet she sent her higher self. Guide: Yes, she did. Geoff – Good grief! Because she understood it could be done. Guide: You see how your higher selves are busy even while you are busy down here. Geoff – Yes. And now she has been surrounded in a ball of energy – and it’s a gold colour – completely surrounding her. It will keep her there, and it will keep her fine in physical – same position until she is rescued but it is also revitalising so many warm emotions. She has seen so much damage and suffering through her life that her emotions get – um – a good way to describe it is to say a bit sort of blasé after awhile. They start to lose their feeling – get a bit worn, and what they are doing is revitalising this so that she will feel a little bit more emotion in every circumstance when she recovers. Guide: And that is good. And it is good that you could feel her. Geoff – Yes. Very nice too.

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