Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this session Verna and Luke are doing the astral healing with the group, and the guide channelling through Miriam is Dr. Paul. Verna: Somebody is arriving on the back of a cart, being pulled by a horse. I think it’s an African. Miriam (Dr Paul) Yes. Verna: And he’s been severely burnt, so what they would like us to do is take an oily color of white light. Miriam (Dr Paul) Yes Verna: …and imagine the color as oily, and pour this all over the body. This will loosen the clothing burnt into the body, and it will start the skin joining together again – knitting – joining and it also will stop infection. Miriam (Dr Paul) It will relieve a lot of the pain too. The young man (Luke) has sent out more power and he has used a lot now, but he still has some more in reserve. Verna: And the one eye is lost. If we put – also white light without the oil in a circle of white solid light without the oil around this eye, it will stop the pain and infection. Miriam (Dr Paul) He is very fortunate that he has been brought here for otherwise he would not have survived, because the burns are to such a large extent. Verna: I asked why are they letting him survive, because he’s got so much pain to go through and I’m told that he spiritually would like to survive and go through this pain. He’s not aware of it. Miriam (Dr Paul) But his higher self is. Verna: ……..and that his spirit was actually sent back by – or chose to go back. He had actually died. Miriam (Dr Paul) He did, he did and you have picked that up very well. I wondered because he was not dead when you saw him, but you have picked that up very well. Verna: And his spirit “chose” to return. Miriam (Dr Paul) Sometimes this can be done. Verna: His spirit never left earth but his guides were with him, and although he never saw them, or he saw the light and he got their thoughts and his higher self knew that this is why he chose to come down to earth. He has a lesson to learn and he will learn it this way and he chose to come back. Miriam (Dr Paul) And he could so easily have said no but he did choose and he has chosen well. Verna: And he’s a good soul, but he’s repaying a very old debt. Miriam (Dr Paul) Yes, he is. But you picked that up very well about him actually being dead, but not severed from his silver cord. Verna: I picked up that he was dead when I started fixing his eye. Miriam (Dr Paul) Yes.

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