Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this one, we’ve just started meditation. Miriam has just said that she’s got somebody in her and it feels like she wants to channel but nothing is making sense and she’s finding it very difficult to move or co-ordinate. I then reply and a guide called Ishmael gives a short explanation. This tape was made in 1988.
Geoff: Somebody visiting you is a different type – a different fit. Normally when a spirit comes to visit he would just blend in – what you’re feeling is something totally different. It’s not a spiritual body that’s come to talk through you, it’s something else, but it’s not a problem. Miriam: I don’t feel frightened. I just can’t move. Geoff: Let’s find out more of what it is. It’s a group of things that has been attracted to you. There are odd thought forms, and bits and pieces and left-overs and all sorts and they go together, they get attracted to each other, and they sort of stick to each other like a load of magnets would stick together. Because you are so open and receptive in this meditation, you’ve attracted these towards you and because you felt something there you automatically thought was friendly, and that you were being looked after. You had no fear of it and invited it in. What you’ve invited in is like an alien substance. It’s not going to harm you and to get rid of it you just push it back with your mind, or white light it. It’s rubbish anyway so you can just white light it to get rid of it, and it will just disintegrate and disappear. You’re picking up all sorts of miscellaneous messages that it has in it, which are collections of little bits and pieces and odds and ends and so on. Nothing really makes any sense so just push it back a little bit so you can look at it. Then you can just white light it and it will disappear. Miriam: Yes, I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t breathe I was just solid, like a lump of rock. Geoff: Yes, a bit of spiritual rubbish there. Maybe that’s the subject of what we’re going to talk about. Miriam(Ishmael) You are quite right. Geoff: Oh, welcome. Miriam(Ishmael) These are as you say little bits and pieces, but they are beginning to think on their own, but they haven’t quite got enough confidence, enough knowledge, to really be on their own. And they are attracted to circles such as yourself, or even people who meditate on their own but they’re not harmful. Not harmful a bit and they do learn that is why there was no feeling of fear because there’s nothing in them to fear. They’re not even mischievous, they’re just little bits of knowledge, that haven’t yet acquired a thought form of where they want to go to stay. Something quite different. Geoff: As such they wouldn’t have a spirit as such, would they because they’re just beginning. Miriam(Ishmael) They’re just beginning. It is when the entities first become spiritual and they haven’t yet learned to gather their thoughts into one place. It’s a very difficult process for them…. and these just float away like bubbles. Geoff: So were we correct to white light them, or should we have just pushed them away to continue with their development. Miriam(Ishmael) Either. They are not harmful at all. There are many of them. Many of them around. It’s Ishmael speaking. Geoff: Welcome Ishmael. Miriam(Ishmael) I thought you were going to do some talking tonight, young man. I’ve been sitting and waiting Geoff: Yes, all right. Well, you just need to give me a hand to get going. Miriam (Ishmael) Oh alright – I’ll keep quiet, but I just had to tell you what they were. You picked them up anyway. Geoff: But at the same time if you have negative thoughts you could get a negative one of those. Miriam(Ishmael) Aah – but you are well protected. Geoff: Yes. Miriam(Ishmael) But anyone not protected can. Geoff: Yes – that’s interesting.  

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