Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



There is a child in front of you Verna, dressed in grey, about four or five, a girl, and she has a wicker basket in her hands, a plate shaped basket, she is standing in front of you, I don’t know what she wants. She wants something from you for her mother, but the children shouldn’t be here, she has permission, she has three adults with her, and she has come to you to get something for her mother. Verna – I know the basket is empty, and I have to place something in there. Geoff – The little girl doesn’t really know what she wants, you will know, so she has brought a basket in case she has to carry it back to her mother, I can see her mother in the background, she is very black and diseased, she treats the child very badly, the child still loves her mom and is asking you to give something to put it right. It is a difficult situation for you, but she will know what to give her, the three guides that have brought her along have decided this is the best way to handle it. If you talk to the girl and feel what she wants and give the advice you must give or whatever, I will go to the mother. Verna – A candle. I must give her a candle, and the candle was made from love and energy from this circle, and the flame will never go out. And it will pass love and energy onto this woman, and she will change her thoughts, as ….. Geoff – The mother is involved in the dark side of life. Verna – And this candle, she will never be able to put out. The child will also benefit from this candle and gain strength to put up with what she has to until the change takes place. Geoff – I am getting things from a lot of directions, the woman is into black magic, Satanic, or whatever, she treats the child very badly and I can feel the vibrations of this surrounding this woman, as I go close to her, I can feel these heavy, dark vibrations, the child needs protection, and her guides have brought her higher self to you to take a sample of pure love, genuine love in the form of a candle, which this child will take with her that will protect her until the mother departs, which is not too much longer. The higher self will hold this protection, understand the strength of it and in turn give strength to the child. Verna – And if the mother is lucky enough to change her thinking, from this candle, from the love and energy and the light from the candle, she might still have time to pass over with a clear, loving heart, she might have time to forgive herself for what she has done before passing over, and the child’s higher self actually understands this and is trying to achieve this for this woman. Although of course the child herself does not understand this, the higher self does and is trying to help the mother pass over, and that is why the child chose to be born to this mother, but of course as we know only the higher self is aware of that, and not the child. Geoff – The mother has been helped to look into this circle, her vibrations are so low that normally she would not be able to reach this circle. Her guides are assisting her higher self, which is also whatever, to look at this circle from a distance, and it is taking a lot of energy, but she is seeing and feeling and experiencing the energy and the love and understanding in this circle, and she will go back, and it will be the beginning, it will be a seed planted in her soul, and she will always be reminded of it whenever she sees this symbolic candle. Verna – What I am getting is that Miriam and Luke must put a mattress of white light, just lay a mattress of white light with your energy underneath this woman, because she will get different vibrations from you, she will get another vibration from the candle that we have all supplied, and so it won’t just be one feeling of, you know when you feel excited and happy, the vibrations from the mattress coming from you will be one sensation, and another sensation will be from the candle which we have all given, another sensation from what I have given the child, and another sensation from Geoff, who has been to see her. And all these powers of energy, they are hoping will get her to take a little more notice, and get the seed that has been planted now to grow. Geoff – Yes, that is quite right. Verna – They are like shaking her from all sides, with all these vibrations, and the child is very grateful, is bowing like a little African, she is black isn’t she, you know how they put their hands together as a way of saying thank you, she is doing that to Mom, Dad and to me and Geoff. And now she is picking up a couple of candles now, I think she has made a few out of the energy we have given and she is going to put them around her mother, but the main one is there, and she has gathered some energy from us. Geoff – And it will do a lot of good, but the main thing now is that the child is totally protected, she has so much light and energy surrounding her now, she is well protected. The guides thank us and they go.

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