Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


Geoff – I started to get two things at once there, one was a very big eye, I can see the eyelashes, just prior to that I got a cave and inside this cave, it has a big open entrance, is this enormous hairy thing, like a giant cat curled up asleep. And I will first go in there to see what it is. It seems to be just that, a giant cat. I will try and get inside its mind to find out more. I am not getting anything, I go a bit farther into the cave, I see stones and rocks, and creatures, little creatures. There are lots of these little creatures in here, and they live in this cave, and this is the only entrance to the outside and the cat is kept there through their imagination, it is not a real cat, it is something that their imagination has created. And it is passed down through different generations, for many, many years and each generation is told to be afraid of this enormous thing in the entrance and must not venture outside of the cave. The creatures themselves are small and round and black with six or eight legs. They twitter, the sort of noise they make, and they work a lot as, they have a form of telepathy between them, although not very well developed. Miriam (Dr Chang) – A bit like bat communication, would you say? Geoff – Yes, but I think what I am there for is to teach them that they must dissolve this thought form that they have created. And this will give them more freedom, they have always lived with this fear and now it is time to do away with it to develop and progress  more. Now the best way to do this, I am walking through this cat backwards and forwards and they can see that nothing is happening to me, but they are concerned as I am obviously in spirit form and they are not. So I have gone back to one, and I am explaining to them as a group what the problem is, and I have asked for one of these little creatures to come with me and do exactly the same. Now I have got one and as we walk towards this cat, it gets up and turns and faces us, and this is created by the group mind, the thought from the one that I am with is being picked up by all the rest and together they are creating the power to make this thing work. Now, he is very hesitant to move forward so again I have to demonstrate that I am the same as him and I am holding him and he can feel that I am physical. Now also that is what they are creating with their group mind, because I am not, but that is what they feel. So for the exercise it is the right thing, so I go back to the cat and as it tries to catch me, which they are creating in their minds, I know it will not or cannot harm me, and therefore the claw passes straight through me. They are beginning now to understand the power of their thought, for a lot of their community is controlled and developed by this power. Now we take the tail of the cat, and I am telling them to have a group thought to dissolve the end of the tail, and they are not certain whether or not this will happen, but as they create this thought so the tail starts to disappear. This in turn creates in them more faith in what they can do with their power, and they dissolve more and more and the cat just disappears. Miriam (Dr Chang) – Isn’t it wonderful what they can do? Geoff – That’s right. Miriam (Dr Chang) – Even so the little ones have to have faith, of what power can be created just by a mass of people or anything thinking the same. Therefore just think what can be achieved once the circles are complete? Geoff – Yes, that’s right. Miriam (Dr Chang) – Tremendous. Geoff – Now just before I leave, I have brought them all forward up to where the cat was, and so that they can make sure that the cat will not reappear, and so that their faith will get stronger and stronger, they understand it more and the whole thing is being consolidated, and I can now safely leave them with their thoughts. Miriam (Dr Chang) – Oh he is truly on form tonight is he not? There is such a joyous feeling in the air tonight. Geoff – Hmm, there certainly is. Now I am traveling across hills, and mountains away from this cave, and I am waiting to see where I go next.

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