Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


1043 Orphanages
929 -The children’s toy box of thoughts
928  Spirit kids create thought forms to play with
912  New kids will believe in Aliens and meditation
895 Children’s energy through puberty
881 How The Change will bring a new range of children
763 How young children connect with Spirit more than you think (V good)
740 Children create their own playground to observe at their level. 
739 Spirit Children and how they function
729 Next generation of children bring new memories
17-yer-old with a complex
4 -year-old channels through Verna
8 year old girl Channels   
9 year old girl Channels   
A long meditation on how kids are integrated into society and family (Well worth reading)
Abused children
Bald girl
Calming children
Child steps on a mine
Children come to chat
Children in Spirit
Comfort vibrations
Fixing spirit children’s dolls
General chat to spirit kids
Healing session for spirit kids
Nylon dress burnt on to arm
Pricilla channels
Sarah helps with parent and child problems
Space suit 2
Talking to an unborn Baby  By
Vincent – a teenage guide
Visiting children recently passed over
What spirit children are taught

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