Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


Geoff – I have come across an old house which is decaying and crumbling, when I got there the house looked quite strong, it is the middle of a wood which is totally overgrown, and just as I was about to enter to see what was there, many spirits turned up from all over, and they said no don’t go in, the exercise is on the outside. And what we are going to do is simply dissolve the house, it is a thought form that is left there, the actual house itself, of bricks and mortar fell down years ago, but what was left was a thought form created by a black energy that will now be destroyed. We are all around it in a circle, and there is this beautiful golden light going towards the house, and as we send out this light the house starts to dissolve. And it dissolves completely and almost immediately the undergrowth covers the area where the house was, and it is back to a natural wooded area. Now there are is a group of spirit who have moved to one side, and we are still in a circle and in the center of the circle there is something which we are looking at, which I can’t see, I don’t see the purpose of this exercise as yet. Miriam (Dr Chang) – But you will do. Geoff – What they are doing is drawing black power out of the ground where the house was, now this black power is being fed in through channels underground, very similar to ley lines, and the power is still being channeled in. It has been coming in automatically, and that is what has kept the image of the house there, it has been coming in ever since the house has been vacated. What they are doing is gathering the majority of the power and then they are sending a yellow or golden light along each one of these ley lines, it is like a bolt of electricity, and it goes back up the black line to its destination, and it cleanses it, and each one of these tentacles going out with these bolts of power sent up back to their destination. And it makes quite a difference to the whole area, this was a central point for the storage of this black energy, and with all this energy running along underground through a particular area of, let’s say fifty miles in each direction, it made the vibrations in the area very negative and unhappy, and this showed up in not so much the flora and fauna, but in the people who lived there and passed through there. Miriam (Dr Chang) – Yes, now you have it. Geoff – And each person passing through, will pick up a little bit of this negative vibration around them, which will account for a lot of bad moods, irritability, that sort of thing, when they carried on into the next area. The area now being cleansed is the opposite, it is very harmonious, far better growth is achieved on all the flora and fauna around. It is a much healthier atmosphere, the air is much cleaner, and it does another thing, it is now much stronger than normal, so when people pass through this area, they will take the goodness from this area into the next areas, and it does a little bit of good there, people arrive smiling, happy, and full of fun etc. And it an excellent way to balance out any area like that. Now it can only be done by a group of spirits, as a lot of energy is taken and it has to be done very quickly, it cannot be done by individuals but you will learn in the future to call others to help you, who will specialise in this sort of thing. And they can clean the area as a group. Miriam (Dr Chang) – And what a wonderful feeling, to think that that can be done. And how much better for so many people, not just those surrounding. Geoff – Hmm, now there is one very special person who is a teacher, and he has asked me to sit facing him in one of the fields in this cleansed area, and he wants to talk to me. This ability to call on spiritual people will be something that I will use in the future, it is being made available to me, so that when I am in an area which I will sense as these vibrations, and we are talking about Africa, and tribal fighting and areas where there has been fighting, conflicts between black and white and other minor things, I will be able to call on this group of spirits and help cleanse the area, not just areas where there is black storage of energy, it can and will be areas where there are negative vibrations created, disharmony, and disrupted forces. It can be done in two ways, preferably in meditation, but if time does not allow this, it can be done with the thoughts that I have, and I will merely call upon the energy and direct it to where it should go, to where I think it should go best. If I am not correct in where I think it should go, they will correct it for me and carry on and process and cleanse, and put the right energy into that area. The more I do this the more energy I will be able to transmit and give out and the more work I will be able to do, it is something that I must not forget, because it will be used. Now I don’t have to be in the area, just direct it to that area, and there will be times when others will link up and help me to do this. It is a responsibility that I have to do this, which I have accepted. There is much more that I will have to learn about doing this particular job, it I will learn in astral. And as I put it into practice in meditation, remembrance of what I learned and what happened in astral will come back to me, and I will be able to do the right thing. That was just the beginning, I will learn more in astral, and we will do similar things in a few weeks time. Miriam (Dr Chang) – That is very good, and quite an honor. That you have been given that power, that privilege so soon, but you are earning it.

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