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In this meditation Geoff is channeling an alien life form. Verna – We have to give Geoff energy. Geoff – I am just getting this strange feeling that my head is changing shape, my eyes feel as if they are bulging out of their sockets, the chin has gone pointed and the face is like that of a locust. Verna – And the back? Geoff – Humped. And the mouth, very small. I try to pass on thoughts as I feel them. Verna – This being can’t stay for very long because of the energy needed. Geoff (Channeling)  – The shape that I am is something which I was many, many lifetimes ago, and a shape which is easy for me to revert back to as I know it and can communicate with you in your language. As I exist these days, I exist as a form of energy which is pure energy and part of, it is difficult to translate as you can appreciate. Verna – If you use your thoughts the channel will pick it up. Geoff (Channeling) – We have a base in a cave on a different planet, the area surrounding this cave is only rock, it is just a place for us to be as you would have a letter box to collect your mail. We go backwards and forwards, we experience different things on a much higher dimension than you can visualise. This information is taken back to our regular meeting place, where it is immediately exchanged with others, this can be done by sending out thought forms which others will pick up, but to go back to the nucleus the exchange of information is instant, and all of us therefore benefit from whatever information that each of us has gathered. My inquisitive mind chose this planet and to visit this circle, I will be visiting many others on this earth, and it is not allowed by cosmic law, as you would call it, for me to read your minds without your permission. If this is given now, I can take the information and take it back with me. The information I seek is merely your understanding of how, now that you know spiritualism, your understanding of spiritualism and your life from the beginning to now, the personal parts do not matter, it is overall information which I seek to gather. Verna – You are welcome read my mind and thoughts, all of us don’t mind, now will you take this from our subconscious minds or would you actually like us to think these  thoughts? Geoff – No, it is all in one. It is as you know computers, all the information is stored in one little place. Verna – So we just need to open up and allow you in? Geoff (Channeling) – Yes, simply by you saying yes, it was immediately translated and information taken out. Verna – Good grief! Geoff (Channeling) – I have not listened to this information, and on my return journey I will listen and it will all be put in. Verna – Could we ask that, if you have any advice for us or anything to help us on our paths, after you have read our minds and you now have understanding of the way we learn what we go through to get this far, maybe you could come back and have a little talk with us, and give us some advice on how to change a few wrongs into rights, if you know what I mean. Geoff (Channeling) – It is not for me to change the path, which you must tread. I understand your question, I would like to give you all a small piece of advice which will not affect you too much. What you have experienced in the last few years, and I am talking of a spiritual nature, has been for all of you a tremendous experience, what there is still to experience is never ending. I see your acceptance of me in your minds, I also see the limitations of your minds to accept and believe what you see. This is the tip of the iceberg, as years progress you will learn more and more, so that the visit by myself and my friends will seem as nothing, what you will experience in the future will be a totally amazing experience for you on many, many occasions, the quicker that you can accept, and I suggest that you accept what you see, for what it is, the quicker you accept, the quicker your progression will be and the more experiences you will obtain. It is very difficult for you to accept things at face value, I know you accept in circles like these that what is said is truth, and in the majority of cases it is truth, but do not be surprised. Your friends can only feed you as much information as they know that you will accept at this time, am I making myself clear? Verna – Yes, thank you. Geoff (Channeling) – The more you can accept, understand and learn the more your friends will give you, for there is a reason, and now I will return. I give many thanks for this brief conversation, and your perception of my outline was very good. Verna – Can I ask you a question quickly, are you feeling cold now? Geoff (Channeling) – No the opposite, I feel what this channel feels, which at the moment is heat. Verna – Why am I getting something about cold? Geoff (Channeling) – Because the cold is needed for me. Verna – Oh, that you need to leave the heat. Geoff (Channeling) – Yes, quite correct. Bless you my friends, and thank you. Verna – Thank you.  

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