Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

957 Communicating with Animals

Right, now, the next thing I think is communication with animals.  Okay we have seen the picture of all the different possibilities, variations etc etc. There are various forms of communication as well, so how do we communicate with animals and why do we need to? How come some people are very good with animals and some people aren’t?

S: They read your minds, they read our minds. They read our energy. And if you tap into it, you can read theirs. You must understand to know exactly, well, if they make a sound, you learn to know exactly what that sound means. So, if you tap into their world, you can.

An animal’s world is much simpler, it doesn’t have all the combinations of possibilities that you have as humans, because it’s learning to evolve and so on. And it learns the basic, it learns all about nature. And what it learns about nature, you will forget as you become a human. So it learns about nature, surviving, family and so on. So being a low vibration, lower than a human if you like, as it sees a higher vibration, similar in a way, that you will feel spirit, it picks up that higher energy. It can then, it doesn’t really understand too much, but it can understand the simple things, good and bad, friendly, not friendly, etc. If you look at your dog that is afraid, it’s simply learning. It’s very basic, so it’s learning what is good, what is bad and eventually will learn a very good lesson. It’s, what you are doing, teaching the dog, you are teaching it a basic form of communication and it can understand so much but it still can do, as she does, whatever she wants. A part of what they are learning. So when we talk to other animals, simply through thought.

What you have been learning, with all your great awareness and so on, you now have an awareness of nature, the whole world, etc. So now when you want to communicate with a wild animal, for example, you understand more, so the communication is simpler. It’s not a case of I am a human and you are a cow, the two differences. You are basically on the same level, and what you will find is you can now look at, maybe a flock of birds, a group of animals, and you will be able to understand more, how they exist, think, and so on. That is a very good exercise for you.

What you have a lot of around here is monkeys. And monkeys are very clever, they are very mischievous. They don’t see it that way, but they are clever, they are learning, so maybe what you can do is try and just tap into the energy of monkeys when they are around here, just to see what happens.

And suddenly everyone is gone.

G: I think a lot of those were automated answers.

S: When I very first started I saw black and yellow. Like a puzzle. And then it got clear. I felt like I was being downloaded information. Like stuff was downloading into me, be it from planets, be it from whatever. I just felt like things were being downloaded. That’s all I could feel.

It’s interesting they brought Boo (the dog) up, because I was asking this morning, “what energy can I use on her to help her?” And they’ve just answered that, because she is learning. And I know, I don’t rush her. I just try keep her as safe as possible. And I know in her own time, she will come out and that not every dog is a big bad dog and whatever. She will get it in  her own space and time.

But I try and keep her as safe as possible. And this morning I was asking what energy I can give her and they just answered it. It’s not about giving her energy. She is learning. Which is what I have always known. I just suddenly thought maybe I can help her. But I am helping her by making her feel safe, that is my helping her.

I didn’t get much else, I just kept going up, up, up and then I felt energies coming down. And I could tap into every single thing that was being said. All the connections, everything.



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