Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


1044 Communicating easier with those on the other side
1039 A collection of thought forms
1038 Faster understanding than you can believe
1023 Clarity can bring peace to relationships
1022  Clarity
1007 Where do your Prayers go?
1004  A Communication Portal made of crystals
1003 Cowboys, Indians and pure thoughts
958 Communicating with Animals
852 We cannot connect to all civilizations
815 Learning channeling Part 5 Sensing
814 Learning channeling Part 4 Existing in different dimensions
813 Learning channeling Part 3 Symbolic scenes
812 Learning channeling Part 2 Using negative energy
811 Learning channeling Part 1 ignore assumptions
809 How to channel Part 3
808 Learning how to channel Part 2
807 Learning how to channel Part 1
784 Spirit lead us in the wrong direction with a weird Octopus.
782 Getting the media to change direction
766 Management structure
761 Some people will not want to listen 
759 How Spiritual understanding goes off track starting with Clowns
743 Connecting to a different group in meditation
Automated mcommunication
Information tower in different dimension
Hidden communications
Numerology An explanation by Janice Mac  
How Channeling has changed

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