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Miriam (Gladys) – This is Gladys again. You are indeed having some wonderful weather after all the rain that you have had, and aren’t we pleased that we do not have to worry about drought, storms, heavy rainfall, floods, none of that. But having said that we do have many who wish to remember what the weather is like and it must be expressed that they have to go to a very definite area, for although it can be concentrated on the particular place where they are, if they are too near to anyone who has a nice garden or who has anything that they do not wish to be spoilt, then it would not be very good. It is as good, or as true here as it is for you, anyone can do what they wish providing it does not interfere with anyone else. So we have these areas where they can indulge in all kinds of storms, we have desert storms, we have snow storms, arctic circles, or what people think what the arctic circles would be like because people have only read or heard about it. There are electric storms, floods so many different things, but they are quite happy to create these storms because they know that they cannot be harmed in any way. The children of course delight in this, for they can have snow fights, make snow men, which is the biggest attraction for them, they can make slides to suit them, small, large or whatever, the older ones of course make ski slopes, and you have been told about that before, what many spirits will do for entertainment when they have some time off. They have some recreation time, sometimes they have fun and they create a whole lot in a particular area and they will rush from one place to another, I am talking now of the children, but let’s face it many of the older ones are still children at heart, and it is amazing what time passes, how much one can enjoy oneself in weather. Now we know by listening to you, when we were last on earth, it was generally speaking a topic of conversation except in those countries where they were accustomed to having all sunshine for certain times of the year, or all rainfall or drought, they did not mention it quite so much. But for the likes of your part of the world, (England) and others like it, it generally made a good topic of conversation, and it really is amazing to see the enjoyment that goes on, thunderstorms, lightening, snowfalls, wonderful. And of course quite often, we may be sitting in a garden and we shall wish for just a gentle shower, just to satisfy us, not to spoil anything, but just to have a little shower come down, and down it comes, now wouldn’t you like your weather to be easily directed like that? But of course it cannot be, but you have said lately how very dusty it feels to you, and how it smells dusty and dry although you had such a lot of rain at the beginning of the year. It is all to do with the ozone, with the pollution that has gone up, and it means that the sun’s rays that do come through and even when they are behind shadows will penetrate so much more, it is not the dust from the spoil you are getting, or even from the trees, it is in the very air itself. It cannot be cured overnight, it will be sometime before it rights itself, in fact it will be a very long time, for you know, you have been told that the earth has to be cleansed, and after cleansing it can be replanted and that after replanting it has to grow, and it will be some time after that before the atmosphere returns. Not to what it was a few years ago, but better than it is now. But you have nothing to fear that it will be harmful, not while you are on earth, there will be times when it will be extra hot though. The seasons will change, they will be longer seasons, and be more severe, but nothing really to worry about and they will not do any harm to you providing that you take precautions the way you do. Those who are suffering are the animal and bird life and the insects, for without the insects there would be nothing to feed the birds, and without the birds and the smaller mammals there would be nothing to feed the animals except for those who feed on greenery, who are vegetarian, and they must of course have good soil and good growth to feed them. They are the ones who are going to suffer more than humanity. When will people realise, what a disaster it is to have so much pollution, if only they would put their minds to it, the scientists I am talking about, and try to find ways of harnessing the energy that is around you, so much energy and it can do so much, it will not pollute, it costs nothing once you have mastered the art of harnessing it. But it is not to be just yet.

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