Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation Verna is doing the Astral Healing and the Guide, Dr. Paul, is channeling through Miriam. Verna: They’ve brought us a little boy who – on his right leg he’s got one of these braces they wear when they have polio. Miriam (Dr Paul): Yes. Verna: And what’s happening with him is his bone, it seems to be is crumbling- almost like leukaemia of the bone if there is such a thing. What we need to do is to help stop this. Miriam (Dr Paul): I know that you are on your own tonight. Geoffrey is away but we know also how good you are at seeing and you have had enough practice to be able to give your opinion of what you would do and tonight it is easy. Verna: What I get is that the bone won’t ever be restored to normal, but what we have to do is like – you know when you’ve got a crumbly pastry and you squeeze it together and you make the pastry no longer crumbly. We have to do that with the bone. Miriam (Dr Paul): That is excellent. It’s a very good description of what we should do, and at the same time for the benefit of the other two, describe what you are seeing and exactly whereabouts it is. Verna: Okay. The bottom of the leg – the shin is very, very thin. It will stay that way. We can’t rebuild it to being big again, because it would be too much for everybody concerned. What we just have to do is solidify that and where the ankle is, try and restore movement because he has this brace on. He hasn’t moved his ankle or his knee for a few years. Miriam (Dr Paul): Yes, that is right. Verna: So if you could almost imagine like a baby oil or a body fat – no, more like oil I get, and put it around the joint of the ankle to just help him over the fear of moving his ankle and the same with the knee. The same thing with the thigh – the hip joint. The thigh is very thin at the bottom of the leg but if we can just move that out and maybe build that up a little bit because that will give him power to enable him to walk without the brace, but that’s going to take a long time. Miriam (Dr Paul): That is very good. Verna: They are going to bring him back to us – bring him back to us probably for the next few Wednesdays so that as he learns to walk, we can help a little bit more. Miriam (Dr Paul): And I think I must stress to this Isabel, that as this is her first time for what can I say, healing, that she must not look up in any medical books for anything like this, because we wish you to take notice of what is said, and just go from there. We don’t want any preconceived ideas of what it should be like. We want you to listen to whoever is giving the description. Verna: They’re taking him away now.

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