Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



This was part of a discussion we had one evening in meditation. I’m discussing with a Spirit called White
Feather, who is channeling through Miriam about crystals. Geoff: While I’ve been going through this example, I’ve seen one crystal – I’ve never seen this colour before and it is green. It’s a translucent green and this is a crystal which I must get next time I see one. Guide: If you can. There are a few about. Geoff: This one works on reactions – emotions – of the mind. Guide: Yes, Emotions Geoff: And emotions are very, very powerful. To be able to cure your own body through emotions, to persuade people to do different things, to uplift them, to release their despair – all sorts of things. Emotion is very, very powerful. Guide: And may I remind you that when you are healing, if two people are there if at all possible, it is better to be one at the head and one at the feet. Geoff: So energy goes from the bottom to the top. Guide: Yes. Also, it is not necessary for what so many people do, with the rubbing up and down, and round and round the body, because we direct it. Whichever doctor is there we direct it to where it is needed, unless we put it into your mind that you must put your hands on a specific place. Geoff: Yes. I went for a training session once with some spiritual healers where they concentrate on balancing the chakras, I can see that that makes sense to a degree but I knew at the time that this wasn’t the way that I would heal, or could, heal.

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