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Throughout your Spiritual life, the majority of answers will come to you through meditation. It is the way to finding inner peace, communicating with your teachers and Guides, and visiting different dimensions through astral projecting and travel. The first time you meditate should be with a teacher or a group. It can be a little scary on your own as you do not know what to expect…the fear of the unknown. But once you have started you will find that there is nothing to fear. Let’s say you are starting with a group. You must first sit comfortably. Undo any tight clothing such as belts or ties as this can restrict the flow of energy around your body. Sit as upright as possible as a straight spine gives a better (initially) connection. You can sit cross-legged or in a chair. The main thing is to be comfortable and relaxed. What I am giving you here is just my experience, and what I have found to be the best way, but there are those that can meditate lying down, and even standing up. Next close your eyes and say a short prayer, something like ‘Divine Father, I ask that this mediation be covered by white light, and that your white light surround us and protect us as always’. White light is God’s light and the strongest form of energy\protection. The reason for protection is so that unwanted entities or Spirits cannot penetrate your thoughts. It is very very rare that such Spirits would be attracted to your meditation, but it is always better to be cautious. Next concentrate on just your breath, moving in and out of your lungs. Really visualize it, in and out, in and out. And each time your mind wanders, bring it back to your breath. Spend at least 5 minutes doing this and you will see that your heart rate will slow down and you will feel more comfortable and relaxed. What is happening is that you are raising your vibrations. Spirit will lower theirs and so you can connect. Next comes opening your Chakras, there are 7 to start with, and your teacher will talk you through the process of opening one at a time, and really sensing the colors and how they open. Your teacher will then take you to wherever they think you should go to, and they will keep talking to keep your mind focused. You will find that you are much more ‘aware’ because of your heightened vibrations. If you hear a noise such as a door close in the distance or a plane fly overhead, just ignore it and bring you mind back to where it should be. Once you are comfortable at this level of awareness, your teacher will probably leave you in silence for a while, and then gently bring you back out of meditation. (Remember to close your Chakras as you come out) 5-10 minutes in silence for each meditation is all you need to start with. As you progress you will remain in silence longer and longer. Whatever you are comfortable with. A daily meditation for the student should be 20-30 minutes for the first few weeks, and by then you will be able to meditate on your own, and can decide your own times. During your waking hours your mind is constantly absorbing data, most of it useless such as the color of the carpet, a passing car, the TV, Radio and so on. You may find that when you enter a meditative state that your mind starts to release this ‘useless’ data, and you see those images floating past your eyes. That’s OK, let it happen, and just ‘be’. Your active mind is like seeing a movie in front of your eyes all the time. As you slow down the movie during meditation Spirit can slip in a frame of their own, and voila…you see your first image from the other dimension. Don’t try to focus on that frame just yet, stay relaxed and wait for it to happen again, and again and again. Your question will be ‘How do I know that it is from Spirit and not just my imagination?’ A good question. And the answer is that you will not know for some time yet. If Spirit were to give you a 100% guaranteed image right away, you may not be ready to handle it. It would be a concrete realisation that meditation does work, and that Spirit really is there. In time when you see these images on a regular basis it will just confirm to you that it must be so, and then your belief is strengthened, and so you are given more. A good way to decide in the beginning is to look back on your meditation the following day. Normally you will be able to remember the images clearly that you got from Spirit, and the rest not so clear. Sometimes your first image will be of just an eye, or a nose, something simple that you can recognize. When you are used to these images the next step is to focus on them. Do not try too hard, just let it happen. Bring your mind back to the eye or nose and just see if there is more there. This takes a bit of practice, but once you have mastered this step you will be well on your way. I have known Students that see absolutely nothing for more than a year, and some that are channeling within the first month. We all develop at different speeds depending on how strong our desire to learn is, and also what lessons we chose. Whatever happens, never feel that you are developing slowly. Your soul knows that there is no hurry, and nothing matters. (More about that later) Sensing your Guide for the first time is a wonderful experience and one that you will never forget. Then things start to happen fast. This is because your belief is now stronger, and you just want to experience more and more. With each meditation you rush to meet your Guide to enjoy the feeling and continue the learning adventure. As you become more comfortable with this new arrangement, your Guide will give you more ‘Frames’. These start with ‘Thought forms’. Think right now of a Hamburger, a Ferrari and a Wedding dress. You have just ‘seen’ them with your eyes open…but probably have not realised this before. These are thought forms. Every time you think of something, it becomes a thought form. If the thought forms are there then all you need is something to see them with, which is the ‘awareness’ state that you are in, in meditation. So your Guide shows you a thought form, just for a split second, and then you can recognize it. But how do you recognise a ‘George’ thought form if you do not know a George? Names are more difficult and take a bit more practice. Think right now of Veronica and Daisy. One has a hard „feel’ to it and one a soft one. So you are already part way there, the rest just takes practice. I remember one student who tried so desperately to find out the name of her Guide. In her frustration one day she told me ‘All I damn well get is white clouds floating around my head’ Then it dawned on her. The Guides name was White Cloud. Continuing with thought forms. They are not just still pictures, they can be movies. Every action that you take, and every thought you have is creating a ‘Movie’ thought form. Getting out of bed this morning created a ‘Movie thought form’ of that. How else would you be able to see into a past life? So your Guide can show you a ‘Movie’ of anything that has happened (let’s leave out the future for now). In meditation he can show you many frames pieced together (Movie) and you can see any past experiences or lives that you have had. And also lives of others. But let’s not stop there. Would you like to see Aliens? And how they live on other planets, or in any other dimension? And what about size? You can view these Movies from as close or as far away as you choose. You can look at a whole planet from a distance, or see an ant so close that it looks to be as big as the Empire state building. It is a whole new World, and access is by Meditation and through your Guides. Lastly, what is the point of this? You came down here to learn and experience, which you are doing right now. As you grow from now on, and experience and understand more, you will be given access to the other dimensions. And there you will learn more, learn faster, and learn from the experience gained by others. I will leave you with this final thought. ‘If you walk in the right direction, then you will get there. No matter how long it takes, and no matter what paths you choose along the way’ As the saying goes. Life is a journey, enjoy the ride!    

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