Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

Emotions of Doctors and Nurses

Portrait an unknown male doctor holding a stethoscope behind


This meditation is covering emotions. Spirit are showing me what is going on with comments by the Guide Doctor Lee Chang who channels through Miriam. Geoff:  I am looking at the practice and patients. Again, you get the two types – the high street type doctor whose concern is more status and finance, and the basic doctor whose main concern is healing his patients. Again, you’ve got to have both to get a balance. One learns from the other. The majority of those in the medical practice want to give and that is why they choose to become, especially nurses. Nurses are very giving. And doctors – at the time of their training – few, very few, want to become a doctor so that they can give. Most want to become a doctor simply because of the status and career – this is the main thing. During their training and in the first few years of practice they come across and awful lot of pain, suffering and emotions. Emotions can be very rewarding when their work is done satisfactorily and maybe lives are saved or people can be helped. That becomes very satisfying to them and they start to give more. Others will start their practice but will feel – will pick up all the negative vibrations surrounding each injured patient or an elderly patient. They are surrounded by this so much that eventually they shut it all off and become emotionless and that is because they cannot handle all the negative vibrations. Guide: I’m glad you picked that up. Geoff: They become quite emotionless. But that doesn’t mean underneath they don’t feel – it is their way of protecting themselves. Guide: It is. The nurses on the other hand are, the majority by far, are very giving. They’re not too concerned about financial matters. They have an understanding of how the doctors feel but they give an awful lot of themselves to the patients. Guide: Yes, they do. Geoff: Also – a lot of Spirit work through nurses to pass on healing and to pass on upliftment to patients. Guide: Yes, they do. Geoff: When a nurse, for instance, goes to a patient, she automatically wants to give with the heart – this is a part of nursing. As she does Spirit increases the energy that is given to benefit the patient. Guide: And it is good that it is now allowed for Spiritual healing to be done within your hospitals. Geoff: Yes, that’s right. Now that’s mainly because – the biggest advantage of that – is when spirit pass energy through a nurse who knows nothing of spiritualism the doorway or the gap through which they pour their energy is very limited whereas with a Spiritual healer who understands and wants to give, all his energy centers are open. Far more different types of energy can be given – a far greater variety and a far stronger energy can be given through a spiritual healer. Guide: And how this was used during the first and earlier wars when they were out in the fields! Geoff: What do you mean? Guide: Without realising, because many were not fully trained, they gave from the heart and Spirit was able to use them more. Geoff: Yes. Guide: As it is now in many primitive places. Geoff: Yes, with primitive tribes they have a lot more time for each other. Therefore a lot more time to generate emotions and therefore the powers can be a lot stronger. Have more time to cultivate their great understanding, and therefore they are more open to receiving and giving of energy.

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