Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

Emotions of Government



In this meditation we are discussing emotions. I am seeing and sensing what they want to show me. The spirit guide talking through Miriam is Doctor Lee Chang. Geoff: In between royalty and the public you have a government. The government is elected by the people to run the country and the government can be seen to make mistakes because they are after all just ordinary people and not royalty. The royalty however cannot be seen to make mistakes, for each mistake that is made makes the royalty or the royal family look weaker and therefore not so much in control. Guide: Quite so. Geoff: If this happened too much, obviously the people would exercise their will to remove royalty and have a different form of – probably remove royalty altogether and have just a government running the country which would create an awful lot of greed, because the people in power would use that power. There would be far more people trying to get into government to obtain that power, whereas they know at the moment the power is limited because above the government is the royal family. Guide: Quite so – that is very, very true. We have only to look at other countries to see the difference. Geoff: Yes. If we look at the emotions of Government. Again, you get two levels in government, and again it is good to have both levels because it brings in the emotional side and the disciplinary side. With the two levels, first of all you’ve got the ordinary public – or a Minister that has been voted in by the public because of his beliefs and his sincerity. The other type of Minister you have is someone who is born rich, sent to the right schools – does not need to consider too much of the financial aspects of life. And he is a person who is like a miniature version of royalty, who also considers the people to be the sort of average public and believes himself to be far above that level because of his breeding, his heritage and his education. So, in government you get these two types of people and the two types create a reasonable balance between dictatorship and democracy. Guide: Yes, they do. Geoff: Well that is something I never realised. Guide: Do you think you would liked to have chosen to be a politician when you chose a life? Well, I tell you now you never were. Geoff: Hmm? I think it could be very interesting – it could be…. There is one thing I dislike and there’s one thing I like. I like the fact that I would be able to change a lot of lives for the better, or have the opportunity to do so or attempt it. What I dislike is the amount of greed, conspiracy, and “back-handers”. That surrounds all politicians. Very nasty vibrations. Guide: Yes, a lot to put up with and with those vibrations it makes it so much harder to make the right decisions without becoming angry.

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