Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


1054 Using insects to change energy to positive
1046 How energy flows through your bodies and how to use it..
1019 Anxiety energy
1017 Energy to destroy and repair (Part 3) Africa, Asia, America
1016  Energy to destroy and repair (Part 2) Harlem
1015  Energy to destroy and repair (Part 1)
1001 Black Ending or finishing energy
1000  Rebuilding energy
994 Wars/conflict, bubble burst or peace.
992 Its how people perceive you
990 Jan 2023 Very bad storms coming
985 New Energy – The desire to help
982 Geoff is shown too much of the new energy/love
954 March 2022. Things you didn’t know about Nature & energies
910 Using the next level of energy with memories added.
847 Experiencing the energy
844 You can distribute more energy than you think
842 War. What to do with energy of despair?
837 2 small items
835 Automation of colours and energies
834 Crystals for purity preciseness and understanding
833 Darker pink for understanding
806 A long talk on energy Part 6 Advanced Spirit shows the energy when you evolve.
805 A long talk on energies Part 5 Royalty
804 Energies Clergy and Religions
803 Energy Part 4 Mental disorders and Prisoners
802 Energy Part 3 Children and animals
801 Energies Part 2 Your own energy field
800 (July 22) Energies. Part 1 Russia
775 Using air to move energy
774 Energies stored in water and crystals
769 Energies, planets and evolving
767 Tranquil energies
766 Excellent talk on thought forms and energy
765 Management structure
762 Red energy and lose everything to see a clearer picture.
745  How spirit can direct energy without changing free will
742 13 May 2022 Different strengths of energies, defensive energy, animal energy.
736 6th May 2022 People creating Covid energy created from fear.
733 6th May 2022 Using bright and dark energy.
723 Meeting a robot spirit translator
719 April 2022 Verna shows us a variety of energies, and what they are used for. (Part 3)
718 April 2022 Verna shows us a variety of energies, and what they are used for. (Part 2)
717 April 2022 Verna shows us a variety of energies, and what they are used for.
705  Automating energies
16th April 2022 Nature shares negative energy
24 March 2022. Using negative energy for good,
4 April 2022 Changing the way we must think to the NOW instead of the future.
A good lesson on Negative, Positive and Balance (Part 1)
A good lesson on Negative, Positive and Balance (Part 2)
Advanced spirit abuses energy
An intelligent energy
And the truth shall set you free
April 2022  Universal energy in Churches
Area for collecting energy
Basket of energy
Ball of energy
Changing energies in a cemetery
Changing energy in starving African tribe
Clearing negative energy
Creating vegetables for Ethiopia
Dissolving a black dome of negative energy
Empty energy carriers
Energy to create symbols
Energy centres of India
Energy source in Fjord
Energy that cleans water today
Energy to create marine life
Energy used by Spirit when visiting Earth
Gold energy
Guide explains new energies coming (Audio)
Happiness energy in Astral
How to use energy with PURE thinking
Mountain of mechanical energy
Negative energy for balance
Negative vibrations in Ireland  1992
Pillars creating energy
Positive thinking
Powerful energy for the future
Protection against negative energy
Putting back harmonious energy 9in a village using color
Removing an energy that feeds on fear
Puerto Rico using energy
Sensing energies created in Countries
Sensing energies in astral
Sensing energies in nature
Sharing white and dark energy
Storms and energy
Super negative energy 1992
Suppressed energy in a communist country
Tsunami energy
Using Pure thinking
World energy beneath the Earth
Would you like to find out who you really are?
Yellow communication energy

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