Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

ENERGY EXCHANGES. By The Spiritual Dictionary

In this meditation we are learning about group energies. A guide called White feather is channeling through Miriam. (This is a good example of how Spirit show you just enough to believe to start – as we have since learnt there is far far more to energies than this basic explanation) Geoff:   Okay, I’ve got a big, hollow tube going upwards.  It’s like the inside of a tree trunk.  Now it’s just changed to a huge, thick forest.  I’m going through these trees in this forest.  And there are lots of them, I’ve got to go in and out of all these thick branches all the time.  I’ve gone down a bit lower, these trees are a little bit strange looking, they have very thick trunks.  And when the branches start, it is very thick and that’s the part that looks different from normal trees.  Very thick and knotted.  And these trees are more or less the same shape all over.  I go farther in, and as I go farther in, things change, I’ve now got very thin trees and I’ve got holes sinking in the ground.  It’s something to do with an exchange of energy from the two types of energy.  The energy from inside the Earth is exchanging or working with the energy of nature and divas.  The thick trees are on one hand, the opposite of that are the sinkholes.  So somehow these energy’s are being exchanged.  The diva’s need a certain amount of energy to use all the time, and we’re talking about, obviously a vast area here – the whole World – now and again there will become a shortage of a certain type of energy and that shortage is created by drawing the energy from the “beneath the Earth” energy. White feather (Miriam): Yes.  Now it makes you begin to realise just how many energies there are and you have only touched on a fraction of them. Geoff: Yes, it’s quite something. White feather (Miriam): Like so many bobbins of thread, there are, no – I’ll not tell you how many there are because you will not believe, (laugh), but there are many.   I think we’ll leave that for now as I have to go, but tomorrow and Tuesday will be longer sessions.  And I think we’ll have we something very good indeed planned for Tuesday for you.   The next two nights will be good, but Tuesday will be exceptionally good, well, I think so. Geoff:  They’re always good. White feather (Miriam): I say God bless you.  Thank you for being here.  And I have made this lady very cold and I must say goodbye now.  God bless you and Thank you. Geoff: Thank you.

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