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 ENERGY SOURCE IN FJORD By The Spiritual Dictionary

In this evenings meditation I am being shown various energy sources around the world. Geoff: Okay, now I’m back to a Norwegian Fjord.  It’s several miles wide, huge cliffs on either side.  And there is a narrow entrance and the cliffs are the other end.  Basically this fjord represents a huge basin and it’s the shape of a bowl, a slightly oblong bowl.  It must be, I don’t know, 10 – 15 miles in length and 5, 6 or 7 miles wide.  And there is nothing on the water and nothing on the cliffs and above is just the sky.  And there are just these basic elements, which again allow the vibrations – which can pick up vibrations very easily.  In the center of this basin, maybe 500 yards up from the water, is a ball of golden light.  You could say this is like a satellite dish.  This ball of golden light in the center.  And this ball of golden light is small.  Now, it is there permanently, people cannot see it, but spirit can.  It’s another sort of relay point to send energy in different directions…. Iffy (Miriam): Yes, it is so. Geoff: …because the area is so vast.  Now this golden ball is higher than the cliffs, a little bit higher.  I can see energy coming down to this ball and it shoots out tiny little streams of golden light, very fast, in different directions.  And that energy center looks after a huge area.  It can only do this because it is so cleansed of vibrations, there are very few vibrations there and nice big open spaces.  If that same energy were in London, for instance, where there are so many vibrations it would only have a range of a few miles. Iffy (Miriam): Yes, it would.  It is pity man has polluted his home environment. Geoff: Yes, Iffy (Miriam): But it will be cleansed. Geoff: Right – onto the next one.

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