Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


In tonight’s meditation, I am being taken in Astral to some very strange places. A Guide is channeling through Miriam to make sure I get the correct answers. January 1998. Geoff:     We are now at the bottom of the ocean, we were talking about an octopus earlier on – I have just seen one. But we are now going down on the ocean floor and it is going quite steeply, and there are various fish and so on that I recognise swimming in different directions. I don’t think it’s important where it is, big rocks….. I am just going downwards and I come to another hole and I think this is just being shown as another entrance to another world. Miriam (Guide) Yes Geoff:     So I will go down through it and now I am going down a tunnel, which is like a giant sea anemone….. there are fibers on either side going from one end to another… I keep on going through this and when I come out of the other end I am in a very strange place. The walls are covered with cables for want of a better word, they look like cables but they are also something like a sea anemone…. they are tentacles. I am in a passageway, an intersection and all around me is like a brown…….. it’s like I am in water but there are patches of brown ink in the water, that is the best way to describe it. I will go on past that and I am going through more various tunnels….. there is coral, lots of different undersea creatures I seem to be just winding along the bottom of an ocean. Miriam (Guide) You are, and I think you have someone to see Geoff:     I have got to one particular place where there seems to be a sort of coral statues in the middle, just going around this and then upwards with the water and I come out at a cave, an undersea cave and as I come out of the water, I am in a big cavern and the base of the cavern is like a luminous yellow and above that is aluminous orange which is where the light comes from. There are some man-made structures here….. it could easily be a very old temple or whatever, but it was man-made…… it is been in the water and has got very old and covered in algae and so on. There is one man here and he is showing me, he has got long white hair, a long beard, bit of a father-time figure, and he looks a bit like an alchemist, don’t know why that came to mind, but a wise old man. Miriam (Guide) Yes, very wise, very old Geoff:     I’ve gone over and sat on a stone seat almost facing him, but partly looking towards the water. And he can change his image…… he has just changed into a different type of sea creature. Difficult tonight, not easy. And he is taking me even further now….. I go back down into the water and as we go down the water goes down as well. Then we go under it, and I am now swimming through caverns of water, with him, completely under water, there is more of the sea bed, great rocks above us and now I am coming to, some form of craft, man-made craft under water, it is shaped like an old fashioned airship. It is very big, and it is stuck in the rock so it must have been there for centuries. But it doesn’t have to be……. it could have materialized sort of partly inside the rock. Now I go inside and I seem to be in a stone cavern. Miriam (Guide) And that is what you must look into Geoff:     My guide has gone away again and left me there. There must be a reason that I am getting all these weird and wonderful shapes, I know we get strange things but I have been transferred from one place to the next, I see things, I swim through things, I have got a guide, different people, different creatures, there must be something, why all this is happening. Miriam (Guide) Yours is not to know the reason why just yet Geoff:     Okay. So I am inside this shape with stone walls, seems to be very blank very empty. Miriam (Guide) Not quite Geoff:     There was a yellow ball of light that appeared and then disappeared, then a very strange creature that appeared in front of me and disappeared. …………………..This is where I use my mind to create things. Miriam (Guide) Yes Geoff:     Hah gotcha, right Miriam (Guide) Don’t you think it was worth going down there? Geoff:     It was indeed. Right. Now whatever my thoughts are, I can create, but the trick is to create the right thing. This sphere is imbedded in the rock and that is because the last person that used it was creating different things and tried to move the whole thing and it ended up there, And that is where his lesson stopped, if I can use my mind, I can take it out of there and take it to a clearer place where it will be used many times. Miriam (Guide) Easier access Geoff:     Easier access yes. So it is simply a matter of using the mind to create, so I will make the shape more spherical, I will make the outside smoother and the inside smoother and so it’s automatically extracted itself from the rock but it is surrounded by all sorts of other different shaped rocks, so there is no ways I can escape for the moment.  So to do that I must simply go through the rocks because as it is all thought anything is possible, and I can take it through all the rocks without it losing any shape and the rocks simply pass through it, and we go to an area where it is much clearer. I am now in very clear water and the base when I look down it is like looking into a huge basin and at the bottom there is a hole. Like a plug hole and this round ball will now go downwards and I put it into that hole in the bottom. The reason that it is that shape is because of what we were discussing earlier about water energy. Miriam (Guide) That is the reason, and that is something that you will use they tell me Geoff:     So as the water swirls around in a uniform pattern, it is easier to draw off the energy that you need to create what you want to create……. so how it would work is I would go into meditation, take my mind to this particular area, and use the water to create something which I need back on the physical earth plane Miriam (Guide) Yes, that is very clever Miriam (Guide) Now, I think you must leave there Geoff:     Yes, I have left and it is sort of turning gold and I am going away again and I come straight up to the surface. And go on to the next thing, which again looks as strange as can be.

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