Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

ENERGY THAT CLEANS WATER TODAY – By The Spiritual Dictionary

This meditation was made in September 1992. This is very interesting. It’s in modern times and discusses spirits way of creating energy through nature, which we will use in the future for the change (2022), and are using now. I will be doing the astral traveling to experience the adventure and there will be a Guide called Mr Wu channeling through Miriam for clarity. It’s set in Ireland and I’ve just gone to a picturesque village and it starts from there. Geoff: I’ve gone around the streets – there’s nothing there or in the hills, and I’ve now gone into the water in that area. I’m going along the bottom. I can’t actually see very clearly. I’ve come to a part where the bottom seems to be all mud and flat, but it’s one very long strip which looks like it’s made of plastic or a very thin material. That’s what it looks like – and this is an energy coming from within the earth. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes. For a specific purpose, do you think? Geoff: It has to do with clearing the water. The waters are getting more and more polluted. This energy cleans what is around it, but then it flows out to sea, and it is at the point where it is taken out to sea. It goes in a huge circle around the Atlantic and is basically doing a cleaning job. Nobody is going to know – that is why it is positioned at this particular point. Miriam (Mr Wu) That’s right. Nature will only go so far to help the pollution in order that the species will not be lost all together. Geoff: Yes. A lot more is being done with this energy than we would think – it’s being going on for a long time because spirit knew of the pollution problem… Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes. Geoff: …and this particular area where the energy flows – this huge circle around the Atlantic is actually very healthy, and very active with fish and life and so on. Some just pass through it and get revitalised, and others are living in it permanently. And their natural ability is so tuned they would know once they started to go out of this energy area. And there are a lot of fish and creatures, and entities living in this, but it is very deep and that is why nobody has discovered it and probably nobody will. Miriam (Mr Wu) No, only the likes of you from other circles. Geoff: Now, when a species is getting…. like the whales for instance are becoming extinct, or used to be, a lot will be rounded up by the divas of the sea, or the helpers, and brought here to start and start to breed in this energy level; so that in later years they can continue once things have corrected themselves.  But that will not be for some time the way things are going. Miriam (Mr Wu) I think you understand it is not necessary to do this, but all living things can be created again if necessary. Geoff: Yes, but this simplifies things. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes, it does. Geoff: And there are some very unusual creatures down there as well, I’m seeing ….. Miriam (Mr Wu) Things you haven’t seen before. Geoff: ….Yes. It’s in the form of a giant jellyfish – orange, yellow and brown stripes just pulsating – but it is large – it’s probably the size of a house. It carries its own light around it – luminous. Miriam (Mr Wu) You are looking at the energy strip. Would you like to enter completely? Geoff: Okay. This huge jelly fish thing is there, and some small forms of energy sort of light blue and white which sparkle. They seem to be minerals in the water. Miriam (Mr Wu) And how do you yourself feel? Geoff: It’s comfortable. I can see a lot more now. I’m seeing – I know I’m obviously down in the depths and it’s dark, but I’m seeing light, and everything has colour, which means I’m either seeing it spiritually, or creatures of that depth have different vision so they can see in the dark and see these different colours. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes, they can. Which means that you are seeing spiritually their colour. Geoff: Spiritually – right. There seems to be a lot of rose-pink as well. I’ve come across a – it looks like an underground cave. It’s like a dome shaped building made out of vegetation, and inside there is nothing but energy, and as the energy goes around in this large circle it filters through this dome shape where energy is drawn and stored. Only so much can come out of the earth’s stream at one time, or in this particular one, so there are several points – there are many points around this vast circle, hundreds of points, where energy is stored and created as it passes through. It’s a bit how a hydroelectric dam works- as the water passes through it creates turbulence, but in this case it creates energy which I saw just now. There are the minerals going through as well, it creates a physical energy as well. Miriam (Mr Wu) It does. Geoff: Now, after the earth turns on its axis, and the seas aren’t in turmoil and so polluted, etc. this energy will be released all at once, but it is very, very deep.  So the energy will be released all at once, and the waters down there will start to – the waters, the animals, the amoebas, the bugs, everything will start to make those waters clearer. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes. Geoff: That will take a long time to happen but it is the start of the new process. Miriam (Mr Wu) That is it. You were guided to Ireland because it is the clearest one for you to see.

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