Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation I am traveling with a guide called Abdul who is channeling through Miriam. I am being shown various forms of energy. Geoff: Okay, now I seem to be drifting away.  What does surprise me is the amount of darkness that is around.  But I think that the darkness is relevant to the amount of light I’ve seen. Abdul (Miriam):   Yes. Geoff:  It’s not really that dark.  It’s a very comfortable darkness and so on.  So now I’m just floating downwards.  I’m floating through a galaxy or Universe.  It’s definitely still in different dimension and there is something starting to materialise on one side.  I recongise it as a form of energy.  A form of living energy that can think for itself. This is one of these happy things that you often put on the end of tapes just to amuse me. Abdul (Miriam):   Yes, that’s right. Geoff:  It’s like a piece of broccoli but it’s huge.  That’s the sort of shape it has.   A cross between a broccoli and lettuce but it’s absolutely immense.  And it’s very happy and very comfortable.  It has a lot of laughter, mischievousness.  I’ll go right into it and try to feel what it is or what it’s going to do or whatever. This is something that can change shapes.  This is the energy that turns reality into symbolic events.  So if God for instance wanted to show me something symbolically, he would use this energy to do that. Now, it’s… again it’s something which you can’t really describe…… God thinks it, it goes through this thing and it happens.  But God doesn’t think “change the symbol to so and so”, he just thinks and this thing, in a way, reads my mind, sees what level I’m at and sees what to interpret it as.  So it’s an interpreter, an interpreter into symbolic things.  So it knows best what I would understand. Abdul (Miriam):   Yes, that’s right. Geoff:  So another way to describe it would be, a super computer of energy.  With a massive storage system. Abdul (Miriam):   Yes.  

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