Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation an old lady (a bit absent minded) is channeling to our group through Verna
Verna: Hi. I’m a very old lady, and in my lifetime I used to earn my keep selling flowers. I was known as the flower lady. In 1700 something. Geoff: A Long time ago. How much were flowers in those days? Verna: Penny? A farthing? What somebody would give me I took. Geoff: Yes. Verna: I forget, you know. Geoff: Well, it has been a long time. Verna: Every seller says tuppence. Now not so old in spirit. Only now that I’m learning to talk I feel old again. I don’t – I don’t like this too much. Geoff: Is that because of coming back to earth vibrations? Verna: Yes, I’m afraid so – But I’m a real spring chicken up there. Geoff: Did you used to sell your flowers in the street? Verna: Yes, in the street. I used to call ‘flowers, flowers for sale’. I loved the flowers and if somebody couldn’t afford them, and they really wanted, I would give them flowers. Very poor but very happy, but very cold, I was. I never had a family left to care for me, and I learnt my lessons well and was proud of myself when passing over. Geoff: Can you remember your passing over? What was it like? Verna: It was an accident. Something hit me. I think it was a cart. Geoff: Cart…yeah. And what happened to you – straight after that – can you remember what your first impression was as you got to the other side or what you first saw? Verna: What happened was that many – many friends – people – and… I never went to church, you know. Good I wasn’t. I wasn’t the poorest person in those days, but I was poor and because I sold the flowers I made many friends but suddenly, believe it or not, I’m not answering your questions. Funnily enough they were not friends on earth really. On earth really they were people I sold flowers to and maybe gave flowers to. And I remember when I was so surprised when these people were the first people I met, and I remember that I couldn’t understand how they wanted my flowers when they were dead, and so I remember asking them what are you doing back here – you are all dead and they said, so are you! Because, you see, they never – I was told that I never felt the pain or the shock. You can’t remember but I know that I never remembered how I died. They had to tell me and show me a while after I was here because when I got here, I didn’t know I was dead. I asked the dead people – people who passed over – why they had come back to me for flowers. That was funny. That was funny and it was lovely. So much love. That’s what I remember most. If you want an important answer to your question that’s what I remember most. Love. You’ve never felt so much love and God…oh, it’s all around you for the first time in your life you can’t understand the change, you can’t understand that everything is so beautiful. I didn’t see anything…..I saw light – not a bright light but everything was lighter like – like a wonderful summer and these people came to me, you see and everything happened very slowly for me but there are so many different things – different ways when people pass over and everybody seems to experience what is right for them so when you pass over it could be a different story altogether. For me it was made very easy but I was a bit old. They were very good to me and I never went to church and I never, do you know, really believed in God – I knew there was some – I knew about God but I never knew what to believe but fortunately, I think, I was a good person so I lived God’s way as we always here you call it. God’s way. Geoff: That’s most important, isn’t it? Verna: Yes. And even although I never even really prayed and lived with God’s love inside me. It was there, so that shows that your lessons all build up till even one day when you aren’t aware of God in another life you have grown to such an extent that you are humble, which I was, and I was very generous and loving and never nasty and I think I must have learnt my lesson in the life previous because I was very lucky to be so good when I didn’t even know this time around, or could not even understand God. Geoff: Where did you used to live when you were on earth? Verna: In a tiny little town with cobbled streets. Geoff: You don’t know which town. Can’t remember which town? Verna: I’m trying to remember. I can see it. It was….. I can see everything. Geoff: Do you still work with flowers where you are? Verna: Never pick them. I never pick them anymore. Geoff: No, but do you have anything to do with flowers? Verna: Just only…. just to love them. I want to know the town. Geoff: Was it called Fenchurch? Verna: Fenchurch near London. They say that – they’re telling me you could be right. Geoff: When you talk about where you sold flowers, and where you lived and cobbled streets and so on, I get pictures in my mind of that event, and it could be my imagination because you are describing it, or it could be where you actually were. Verna: I think you are seeing where I was, because in the channels mind with my thoughts going back she is seeing where I was so you should be seeing the same thing… Geoff: I see it next to a- like a wooden stall. I know you moved around and sold flowers but there is one particular area, which is like a town square. Verna: A market. Geoff: Yeah, a market. There is a little stall next to it and in one is where you used to stand… Verna: That is correct. Geoff: Also in the road there were three like steel posts to stop the carts from going through into the next area. They look like small little fire hydrants. Verna: Quite correct. I thought you would say fire hydrants. I was going to say I didn’t think we had any in those days. Maybe I’m wrong. I don’t think we had. Geoff: No, I don’t think so either. Verna: No. Geoff: But that’s good because that’s where I got the name Fenchurch from. I’ve got this back lane. On the left-hand side is a very high brick wall, maybe 10 foot high. On the right-hand side either side are backs of houses and it’s in the back of…. not a residential area but the town. The right-hand side is the back wall of shops or maybe shops and houses combined, and it’s a cobbled road and quite long and you used to go down here a lot sometimes, possibly to go home. Verna: Yes. I have a friend here, and this friend is showing you things as well. And that is correct, and he says the town is correct and now I’ve already forgotten what you said. Geoff: Fenchurch. Verna: Maybe because I have got older coming down to channel, I’ve got a loss of memory. I’m enjoying this but I think…. Geoff: Join the club. Verna: Yes, it’s not easy, is it? I remember forgetting the names of the flowers and getting them mixed up, and I would sell people poppies and tell them that they were something else. And eventually they used to think I was going a little senile, and of course, I never believed them, and all the time they were right but these things happen. I will love and leave you now. I don’t like being old. I’m going back up to be young. I will give you lots of blessings and my friends too from the cobbled streets, also market people. The one gentleman wants to know if you can see what’s being sold. Geoff: Um…they’re yellow..??? Verna: Yes. Geoff: Pumpkins. Verna: No. Geoff: Melons. Verna: Yes. Geoff: I’m also seeing where I think you lived which is very unusual because you’ve got – I can see small little stairs going up to the first floor but it is only like half way up because ground floor goes half way into the ground – a basement. Verna: Yes. Geoff: That’s good. Verna: I will leave you now. God’s blessings. Geoff: Thank you. Verna: We give you love. We give you love. Geoff: Next time perhaps she can come back younger Verna: I would like that. It takes a lot of practice. It takes a lot of practice but it can be done but I have not channeled much – this is just my third time for it is not my work. Geoff: You did very well. Verna: I just would like the experience so I thank you for the opportunity. I give you flowers. Geoff: Thank you. Verna: I give you flowers. If you close your eyes for a few minutes you will each see your flowers which I have given you, and your flowers are very pretty. A couple of interesting things in that meditation. When the flower lady came back again she told us she retained or picked up her earth vibrations again that is why she was old again. That is quite normal. It takes them awhile to adjust. Also that I could see as well into her past so I was seeing her thought forms as well as from her and her friends. …… Geoff

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