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    • This is how WE DECIDE what to trust from today

      Do you trust your Government? Politicians, Attorneys? Doctors? Media? Tele-sales? Social media?

      AI has now joined in with thousands of fake videos of well-known figures suggesting investments, opportunities, a cure for every disease and future predictions. The public are scammed of Millions of dollars EVERY SINGLE DAY.

      So now, how do we stop this …………… we don’t

      Two things need to happen.  Firstly, let the BS continue. It will shortly reach the extreme where the stories are just to unbelievable.

      Secondly, WE FIND THE TRUTH.  We have to decide what is truth based on our experiences.

      Everyone has 2 or 3 friends that they can reply on, and each of those has 2 or 3 friends: and between them they will find a solution to one thing at a time. Society will be rebuilt based on truth: where pride, integrity and trust can be restored. It will then be looked after far more stringently than before because we have all learned the danger in not doing so.

      I have a website where every article is my personal experience based on TRUTH over 45 years.  Its my experiences with understanding spiritual life from beginners to far more than you can imagine. The site is all free. No catch and no strings.  There are over 2 000 articles, mostly channeled. It’s a starting point for those who are ready to learn, and conformation for those that are already on their journey. From discussions with prominent people that have passed, to recorded audios with visitors from many Alien civilisations.  Yes – its also hard to believe.

      I’m not bragging. I have no ego, I have just been lucky enough to have been able to channel all this information.

      The next few months will see major changes, wars, civil unrest, turmoil and disasters. This is the change happening.  Take whatever you like from our site: Use it and share it, because from today the truth is going to be very hard to find. 

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    • What does everyone want?

      I have been launching new ideas for over 40 years, and one thing I have found is that just because I like it, doesn't mean that most people do. Hence we open things for discussion and go with the majority.  So, let's start the ball rolling here. Tell me what you would like and I will do my best to get it.

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