Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation a guide called Iffy is channeling through Miriam. Geoff: I’m sensing somebody behind me.  What it gives me is a father image. Iffy (Miriam): You’re quite right. Geoff: Right, it’s a father image.  What he is, is my doorkeeper or main guide. Iffy (Miriam): Yes. Geoff:  My life guide.  He stands behind me and puts his hands over me. I’m facing the other way; his hands come across the top of my chest.  Very big, very strong.  He’s showing me how……. Well, he’s showing me as being a lot smaller, which is why he can do this.  Very strong fellow. Iffy (Miriam): Oh yes, he is.  He has to be for you.  Hasn’t he? Geoff: (laugh) I can sense his outline and his strength and his character.  I can’t see a face.  But he says it’s not important. Iffy (Miriam): Not yet, another time. Geoff: He’s showing me that he can pick me up with one hand.  He’s showing that I’m yet still a child and have so much to learn before I become an adult. Iffy (Miriam): Yes, that is what he wanted you to see Geoff: Yes, he’s poking me and says “But you’re learning”.  I’ve got the word “wisdom” – which is what he will teach.  But until I’ve had many years of learning a variety of different things to achieve the level where I’m able to be taught wisdom, before that I would not have understood. Iffy (Miriam): That is it.  You would not.  But you must not be dismayed at the thought of many years, it will soon pass. Geoff: You mean I have many more years to go? Iffy (Miriam): Are you a little bit disappointed that you are going to be learning for so many years? Geoff: It depends “how”. (laugh) Iffy (Miriam): I thought I detected a little bit of disappointment there.  But you can learn and teach and work at the same time. Geoff: Yes. Iffy (Miriam): Are we not all learning right through life from beginning to end? Geoff: That’s right. Iffy (Miriam): If one wants to learn – if you do not then you sit back, but if you want to learn then you continue learning until you pass over. Geoff: Yes, that’s right. Iffy (Miriam): But you will be doing many, many things before you finish learning. Geoff: Good. Iffy (Miriam): Oh we have a lot of work for you.  Don’t think you are going to be let off lightly. Geoff: (laugh)  Right.  He says I will see him much more in meditation. Iffy (Miriam): He will be with you when you are away too. Geoff: Oh right.  Yeah, he’s got a lot of strength.  A great character.  Alright, he will go now and I will meet him again later. Iffy (Miriam):  You will be surprised when you do meet him later.

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