Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


In this evenings meditation we are learning about group energies. A guide called White feather is channeling through Miriam. Geoff – Now we go to a building, a very special building.  It’s in America.  Outside there are very tall green trees.  It’s in a quiet town not a city.  It’s a very special building.  As I go around you want to sort of pat it and stroke it.   It’s “nice”.  It’s got a slate roof.  It’s a very old building.  But it’s nice and gives off very nice vibrations.  I’ve gone all the way around it, now I’ll go inside it.  And what is inside is a collection of very nice thought forms.  And these are very ……….. the feeling is ‘giving and loving’.  They are thought forms to help people but very nice thought forms.  Not a thought form where somebody falls down and you send them some love but where somebody loves somebody else and gives them a hug – it creates a beautiful thought form. White feather (Miriam): Very well put. Geoff – Now they have to go somewhere.  They are happy thought forms.  So they all gather in this particular building and because they are happy thought forms, they can be used.  So, where a child, for instance, is unhappy because a Mother is out the room or whatever – spirit can take a happy thought form, because it’s already created, it’s already an Earth energy and just put it around the child to make it feel comfortable and loved until the mother gets back or for a certain period.  So these happy thought forms are used all the time.  They are also used with absent healing.  Not so much for healing but for sending happiness to uplift people and so on.  And people meditating will automatically have a thought to send some love to somebody…….not quite – when they need a lot of energy for some specific thing, like a child who’s lost its mother, they would take a lot of these thought forms and surround the child and that sort of cocoons it and makes it feel more comfortable while it adjusts to not having a mother. White feather (Miriam): That’s excellent.  And do you think you’ll be using that in your sanctuary? Geoff – I’m sure we can. (laugh) White feather (Miriam): Why not. Geoff – Now what we can do as well.  Alright that building, for some reason attracted the thought forms there.  What we can do is create our own building.  Our sanctuary would become a building which attracts those happy thought forms. White feather (Miriam): Of course you can and don’t forget there are plenty of spirits waiting to take these away as they do with your absent healing.  You just have to learn to harness the amount you need and where it has to go and we will do the rest. Geoff – Right.  So our sanctuary would become a very happy area. White feather (Miriam): Oh yes.  It will not all be happy, there will be misery, there’s bound to be when you have people coming for healing but that will be in a special area. Geoff – Which makes the feelings good, which raises people’s vibrations.  Which makes it easy to work, and so on. White feather (Miriam): They could even go there and relax. Geoff – Yes, that’s nice.  Because you’re not really using up the energy. White feather (Miriam): No, you’re not using Geoff – It’s just nice to feel it, to be there.  It’s like lying in the sun.  Great. White feather (Miriam): So that is one room to put up. Geoff – Yes, well and truly.

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