Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


In this meditation I am taken to another dimension. A guide called John is channeling through Miriam. Geoff –    I’m in a land that has been created.  It is a beautiful town where everything is nicely laid out.  There are nice bright colours and a feeling of happiness throughout the town.  I can’t see any people as yet but I know they’re there and everybody is very happy.  Everybody talks to everybody else; everybody gives each other love and understanding.  They’ve got time for each other.  It’s an ideal town to live in.  As you walk to the outskirts of town and look over the hill you are in the country.  The country is beautiful and the air is fresh and again it’s an ideal town in which to live.  The town itself is the important part.  It’s been created by a group of minds – you could call it a committee – who constantly update and revise this place so it’s created purely with the mind…  What they do when they want to teach somebody they will take them at night in astral travel to this town so that their higher selves can experience – I’m not sure whether it is the higher self or the people themselves but whatever – so they can experience living in these conditions and how beautiful it can be.  While we live on earth we are so motivated by material things and status and this that and the other that we don’t have time to look after friends and family.  We are too involved with ourselves and material life and they way this has progressed over many, many, centuries this is getting worse and worse and we are getting further and further away from a perfect society.  For those who want to help others and also those that are on one extreme who are totally money orientated, they are taken to this beautiful town in astral so they can learn, and their way of thinking can be changed slightly but because they are on earth, they have total free will so their way of thinking is not changed.  They change their own way of thinking after experiencing something as beautiful as this.  The town itself though is really great.  They’re not letting me walk around anymore.  I’m now hovering above the town looking down and I can see how beautiful it is and they are saying, “Why don’t you come down here because this is actually great down here and when you go back to your world it’s going to seem pretty inadequate so we don’t want to spoil anything.  You have to experience life on earth itself before you can come to a place like this.”  The brief scenario that I got was just too beautiful.  Great place, great people. Everybody talks to everybody else. It’s really is a perfect situation to be in.  Everybody is your best friend and you all help each other and just have a good time.  It’s totally, totally, different than being on earth. John:    So much joy and happiness. Geoff –    Yes and when you go into the country there are all the animals there and because you love animals all the animals are tame.  The same love is between the animals and people and so on.  You can feel a connection to nature, and the trees and the sky and the whole thing is all part of this huge oneness as we know but there’s just so much love for everything.

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