Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation, a guide called John is channeling through Miriam.
Geoff – I have got a Tibetan monk in a prison, it is in a very primitive area, and he is in a prison with think muddy walls, he is lying on the floor inside, there is not furniture or anything in this room, and he is lying on his right-hand side. He has been left there for a very long time, without food or water, and he has lost consciousness. Somehow his thighs and hips and stomach are very badly bruised, I don’t know how it’s really injured apart from bruising, and for some reason because of this damage he can’t get up, can’t escape and get out of the windows. He has been left there to die, by whoever did this to him. I think he will die. Miriam (John) – But you can ease his passing over. This is John. Geoff – Welcome John. Miriam (John) – I did not intend speaking tonight, I was going to wait until you have finished this evening’s work, but you are quite right, he is not going to survive. But you can give him an imaginary drink and you can put the thoughts into his mind that all is going to be well. For he is a little afraid, although with his belief he does know that it is not the end of eternity, it is not the end completely, it is a rebirth, but still he is a bit apprehensive. Geoff – Yes he has devoted his life to this way of life and although he has always believed in it and can understand it, you can understand it is the first time he has died, that is why he is apprehensive. He has gone through a lot of suffering in the last few days, and he is semi-conscious, and the best thing we could do for him is to make his passing over quicker. Instead of letting him linger on and suffer more, he is semi-conscious so he doesn’t realise what is going on. But we can help extract his spirit from his physical and help him to pass over quickly. Miriam (John) – Very good. Geoff – We must give him a lot of love and imagine putting our arms around him as if we are lifting the spirit out of the body very slowly, keeping him calm, reassuring him, and letting him feel the love from the circle and opening his eyes so he can see the spirit that is surrounding him as he rises out of room, now he will accept it immediately, let’s lift him up. Miriam (John) – And this is where it helps with the power from you young man on my right. Although you are not contributing by talking the power you give is a great help. Geoff – Yes, it is as if he is becoming conscious and seeing and realising that his spirit has left his physical, as he rises through the roof and out into the open, and begins to see the spirit surrounding him and his friends and his teachers and he will pass across without any more problems. Miriam (John) – Good. Geoff – I can see him now in his younger form, he has passed over and become younger, because he has met with his teachers and friends who he last saw when he was younger, and he is immediately accepted, and is being taken away and he will be fine. Miriam (John) – And that is more advancement for you, when you can see that.

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