Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



This is a continuation of an earlier article – and Abdul this time channels through Miriam
Miriam (Abdul) – This is Abdul, that was quite an interesting talk; it is very good, such a wonderful experience that these people go through. I don’t think I could ever do what those dear souls do to go to the depths of despair, not yet anyway. We have had many lives together, and we have gone through some dreadful experiences but even so I don’t think I could ever go down to the very depths, oh yes I do go down, I do help, but there is a certain area beyond which I have not yet found the strength to penetrate. So far it is beyond me, I am not even sure that I wish to try, I think I would much rather progress on a different plane altogether. Tonight I and my friends are trying to help with the accidents that you have on your roads. You have read of people who are suddenly prevented from having an accident, right out of the blue, my friends and I, my little band of helpers, of which there are many really, we do just that especially at times like this when there are so many people on the road, who should not be driving. And it is not just those in the cars and the busses and the transport but it is the innocent that we have to protect, those who just happen to be, on the spur of the moment, at the wrong place at the wrong time, for it does happen. And we are able to prevent this tragedy, not always, sometimes it is their karma and is accepted. But quite often it should not be, and it gives us quite a pleasant feeling when we see and realise what these people have experienced and wondered how it was happening, very uplifting it is, very uplifting. And then also we have different cases when there is an accident of some sort that we cannot prevent but that life has to go on and it is as you have been told before, one spirit taking over another. That does happen more frequently than you realise, because you chose a life and you do the best that you can, sometimes it becomes just too much, and yet you have gone so far on that life that permission is given for someone else to continue it, another soul in order to complete a particular task, you understand what I mean? Luke – Yes Miriam (Abdul) – It means a bringing together of events which would otherwise be delayed and it is only when this effects a great deal of people, or it would not be done. – I was saying therefore we are there, and can help to switch over one soul to another. It is very traumatic for the instant that that departed realises what he or she have done they regret it. But it is too late for them to go back then, they are weakened from the resolve with which they set out and someone else that has taken their place will continue just as if it was them. We always have a fair inkling that this is going to happen it is not an instantaneous thing, we are watching the progress of these spirits, these dear souls and can feel the weakening before it happens, so we are prepared, we try to give strength to see if it is possible for them to continue, but when it is realised that they cannot do justice to the work that they wish to do, then they are withdrawn and another takes their place. In one way it is sad, but in another it is good because the work that they have chosen, whatever it is, will continue to the progress that was originally intended. So you see friend, we have such a variety of work to do, no more variety really than you have on earth, with all the skills that are needed, but so different, so different. We each have to learn what is best for us, and as in all work we may find that for a number of years we can do one particular thing, and then find that we wish to change and of course there is nothing to stop us. It is still free will where we are, as always will be, it is just that every time anyone wishes to change then they are given tuition and guidance, as you would with anyone to be taught another trade. And to find out if it is just a ‘flash in the pan’ or something that will benefit everyone and be lasting, but that is another little work that we will do, and you will be getting many more of these disclosures in future. And I think you will find they get more interesting to keep than the original tapes as good as they were. I think that has been enough talking for one night, and may you have a better night than last night, bless you both, but we do often have a laugh and say ‘well not sleeping tonight, they are so restless’ and it doesn’t matter because when you are tired you sleep and when you are not you don’t, it doesn’t matter does it? Please yourselves and do what you want to do, you haven’t got to get up and go to work, so do what you want to do. Enjoy yourselves and I will be back again another time to talk, for I am always with you, bless you my brother and my sister, bless you and keep you within the light of that higher one. Luke – Thank you.  

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