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HIDDEN COMMUNICATION   By SpiritualDictionary.com

In this meditation I am experiencing the lesson, and a Guide called Mr Wu is channeling through Miriam. Geoff: Alright. I’ve got a pagoda style building and a youth standing in front of it. He is very distressed. He’s leading me inside. No, he’s leading me around the back of the building, where there is somebody who is in a bad way for some reason. There’s a man in the back and he was unconscious and he’s just coming to, and the boy who took me there has just disappeared. But, I can see nothing wrong with this man. I can see nothing that I must do. Is this right what I am seeing? Miriam (Mr Wu) It is, but you have not looked far enough yet. Geoff: All right – well, he’s walking away. The building is pagoda style at the front, and at the back there are several tiers. It’s difficult to explain. Anyway, I’ll go inside and see what is inside. It’s empty. The base on the floor, there is a long narrow slip from one end to the other, as if one floor board had been removed, and underneath I can see a huge circular wheel. It’s something that was made a long time ago by monks in a monastery. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes. Who was…. Geoff: The person, who was at the back, was trying to see in, and they slipped and have now moved on. It’s protected by well developed monks who can astral travel. When he called me there, he used some of my energy to give this tourist, if you like, a bad feeling so he went off. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes, he did. Geoff: And what is inside, I’ve got this huge wheel – on the left is a big sort of egg shaped ivory ball. It’s huge – it’s six, seven, eight feet long. I can’t see what it does because I can’t actually feel anything. It’s for communication. It was set up a long, long time ago by these monks, to send out a form of energy or signal to contact….to contact spirit. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes. Another form of communication. Geoff: Yes. I’m not sure how that works. Miriam (Mr Wu) You are not meant to know yet. (laughter) Miriam (Mr Wu) Not yet. Geoff: Okay, so I won’t look further.

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