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After Hitler left, we asked if one of the guides would come through and just give us a little more. Miriam (Abdul) This is Abdul. Geoff: Welcome Abdul. Miriam (Abdul) What an experience! We had no idea that you were going to have the visitors that you have had tonight. And it is quite true, everything you have heard this evening was directly from the three people, Jacob, Ayatollah and Adolf Hitler, and with discretion, you can let others hear what has been said, but it must be with great discretion, as I know you will. We can see that it has given you a greater understanding of what these last two speakers were experiencing in the life that they had chosen. While one went completely off the rails, it was still a valuable lesson, and it is a lesson that must be learnt by all who are trying to follow other such leaders, who have perhaps started off with the right ideas but have gone on to a different path. We know that after listening to what has been said, you understand that the masses that were killed – it was their karma, and they had been gathered in one particular place. That does not soften what one felt – the horror that was experienced – but you do understand the way it was explained, that it started off as the best of intentions to help people reach Utopia much quicker- but it cannot be. Each person is an individual. Each person must fulfill their karma. And if they do not- as your last speaker said. Adolf must spend many lives at his own request in helping others, who are trying to do what he did, who have fallen wrong, and away from their chosen path. For we would never allow anyone to incarnate, knowing what they had in mind. It was only after some time that we could see what was going to happen, and then those dear souls were led to where they would be executed, or dealt with as they were. It was also a lesson for us in spirit to be more careful, and to watch more closely, but we are restricted as you know. We have to let everyone have free will, whether it is in the flesh or in the spirit. You’re very, very privileged to have had two such speakers this evening, and it was only because of the request that went out earlier wondering why people had to suffer so much as they are in Somalia and other such places. You will have help – I am now talking to the younger couple. You and your wife will have help from both of these people in the future for the work that you are doing, because you have shown that you are capable of the understanding. You understand the explanation, and it helps you so much further to open up. But even so there are some things that you cannot understand yet, but it is another step up the ladder. In fact, I should say perhaps another 3 steps up the ladder- but the ladder is long, and you have far to go. By all means treat this tape with discretion, but let all who are really dedicated hear, and let them also understand that they may not judge when they see others in like positions. But instead of sending hatred to these people who are doing wrong, they know they have to send love, but it will give them a better understanding of why they should send love. I think you have done very well this evening, and as I say, I had not really expected to come here, but I wanted to and I was so proud of the way that you were able to channel although, at first, they were both reluctant to talk. But they felt the love that was in you, and they knew the knowledge you had and they know that this is only the beginning to passing on this knowledge. Geoff: Thank you. That’s just what we needed. Miriam (Abdul) I bid you goodnight, and I wish you a very pleasant journey tomorrow. We will meet again which will not be too distant – in the not too distant future. God bless you.

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