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In this meditation evening spirit were telling us about how difficult it is to run a Country, and heads of state and their problems. Several people have come through and channeled and the one that’s next to me now is Hitler. I’m a bit unsure that it is Hitler and I’ve gone off to check with my guides, and this is the result.

Geoff: When I asked for confirmation. I was taken to a building, which was one of the buildings that Hitler used during the war. A command center or whatever, and I’m going to go back there now, and go inside to get some more information. (pause)

This building is a hotel in Düsseldorf. There are lots of people going in and out. I seem to have two places. One is this hotel in Düsseldorf which is very modern and very big – the other I was at just now, was a brick building about 3 or 4 stories high which was old and seemed to be in a town in France. It’s getting a bit confusing. Okay – I can see him at a desk. He says….it doesn’t matter. I’ll go into the room where the desk is. Why he wants to talk here, is because the room is full of negative vibrations. I can’t actually feel any genuine negative vibrations – they’re showing me the feelings, the memories. It was just for a brief instant – well, they’re still there, but they’re not true negative vibrations. They’re there to show me the negative vibrations were there. In other words, it will not do me any harm to pick up these vibrations. I will learn by it. That’s what it means.

There is a big desk, very highly polished top and it’s maybe 7’ x 3’. Behind it is a big window. On the left there are rows of books, a wooden floor, and rows of books on the right – two complete walls covered in books. They’re works of art – no, not works of art – famous books written on war, strategies, tactics, Hannibal, the guy who went over the mountains on Elephants was one of Hitler’s “heroes” in a way. He got a lot of strategy and tactics from this person. The books represent to Hitler power. To be able to pick the brains of the best conquerors over many centuries gave him a certain amount of power.

(Hitler starts channeling here)

Geoff (Hitler) There are few people that play such a game at such a high level. There are few that have experienced, as the previous speaking was saying, he controlled 50 million people, and it is the same in this situation. Very few people play a game at this level- and imagine if you were good at playing a game of poker – to play with six people that you can beat all the time because you were good, loses its excitement. You play for higher and higher stakes and you beat better and better people, it is a type of game, and so it was that during the war when I had to conquer and take over and control and dictate, it was as such a game.

The madness which people talk about was not a true madness. It was as you see a genius – a genius who concentrates on one specific subject, talks only of that subject- and you say that he is “mad”. Because all he knows is his own subject. He knows little of what else goes on in the world, or of etiquette or anything surrounding that one subject he has chosen. He is totally involved in the project that he has, and the rest of the world, what his friends think, means nothing to him. He lives only for that particular subject….. so people say he is mad!

For myself, I had ideas of what I would do, if I could control the powers of the world, and the people.

If you wanted to place a flower in every home in this area, it is a nice thought, a nice gesture, but there will be those who object to flowers. There will be those who object to you knocking on their door. There will be those who object that you interrupted what they were doing and this act of giving turns. For those that you give to, it is enjoyable. For those that reject you, it is hurtful. And then you want to say – you want to force your way in and say, “Here is the flower – you will keep it, you will enjoy it.” In the long term you know they will enjoy it but, what you create is an anger in them that your ideals were forced upon them, and although you believe that it will be better for them, you have created an anger.

Then these groups get together and the anger starts to multiply, so the next time you think you will do it a different way and you change. But you have created a pocket of anger. I show you as a few houses in a community, but it could be a country, it could be a religious group, it could be many things but you learn and you change.

But once certain acts have been committed by our history, and if you cannot correct those acts without losing power, then you have to find an alternative and the alternative is domination.

I would go to the group where I had created the anger and I would dominate them. I would suppress them. Eventually the anger builds and builds and I know that I have no alternative – there is no way that I can control that group. Therefore, they must be eradicated, annihilated, removed from my sight, so they are no longer a burden to me. I describe this to you in very simple terms, and you understand what I am saying?

Miriam: A little.

Geoff (Hitler) The small game can turn into a big game. The small pockets of anger can grow to be nations.

I misused the power that I had.

I created a misery never before experienced.

I made many suffer.

I committed many souls to a life of torture and death.

It was an accumulation of experiences for many. Those masters who control life on this planet, put together a period in history where many karmic debts would be paid. Where many would learn from small experiences to extremely high experiences, as I went through myself. As the last speaker (Ayatollah Khomeini) said, you can control good and you can control bad. Both are lessons. It was also a lesson to the rest of the world that they see what one man is capable of doing. And they will understand that one man can create that much bad, or that much good. They will see when something like what I did begins to happen again, and they will stop it quicker, but then it can grow quicker- for today there are modern weapons, technology, computers, communication, and satellites – things that, if I had a fraction of these, I would have controlled the world. I would have.

Miriam: Did you know in advance the life that you were going to lead, or was it an error midway before you came to earth?

Geoff (Hitler) I would dearly love to give you a clear answer, but the involvement, the complications, are something which as yet, you are not experienced enough to understand – not “accept” but to “understand”. If you ask this question when you return to the other side, you will then be able to understand. It was not a matter of choosing this life. There were more involvements from those much higher, much more experienced, far more than myself.

Miriam: Are you finding it difficult to get over what happened.

Geoff (Hitler) In basic terms, yes. To take another life is hard. To return to spirit from a life knowing that you have sadly failed in your task, and killed others is hard. To return to find out that you have massacred, slaughtered, tortured millions of people. The heartache, the grief, the suffering is beyond my comprehension – beyond it – and although I know what it is that I did, I am still striving to accept the enormous- the enormous wrong that I did. It is too much, too big, to accept and I strive only to begin to accept.

My previous lives were good lessons. I progressed, I developed. I chose this life to do- not what I did. I misused the powers that I had, and there was nothing or little that spirit could do. I believed that I could shortcut the progression of spirit.

I believed that in this world, if I could show the people what could be done, I could change the progression. I could get them to the Nirvana, to total peace and happiness far quicker than my betters. And as I took this power and started to put it to use, I realise now that I did not have the experience to control that power, and therefore, it got misused- and that misuse escalated. And those that were watching foresaw what would happen, and they said, “Let it continue”.

And instead of trying to stop what would happen, they let it continue, which was my fault, and they let other people see what could happen when someone like myself miss-uses power. Not just the people on earth, who saw what I did and were horrified, but those in spirit who were overseeing, who were looking, watching, what I was doing- and they would say, “Now, you can see how power can be misused.” How one person with power can create so much misery and death – one person!…and other spirits, as the speaker before me, who witnessed what I did learnt a valuable lesson. They watched me destroy people.

When they are in a similar position, when they have the memory of what they saw me do, it will benefit the future, and so it was my error – my misuse of power – but others eventually will benefit.

Miriam: Thank you for coming, and enlightening us, and giving us a different idea of what has happened- and we can only send lots of love to you.

Geoff (Hitler) Thank you.

My life is dedicated – there are no words to express what I have done. My life is dedicated to serving God – to doing what I can, to rectify what I have done. And as many lives as it will take, I will endure and I will endure them gladly as you can understand. But I tell you this, so that you will understand more and you can influence other people more, and this person, your son, will be influencing those in the future with his wife.(Verna)

They will work in the future, not on a level as I experienced, but their understanding of my life will help them in their work, and they are to know that should they ever need assistance or help in anything that I have experienced, I will gladly give it, and they need only ask. And, as with the previous speaker, this information can be passed to those who you know will understand and accept. But the knowledge, the content of what I have said, the lesson, please spread to all and every person so that something like this will never, if possible, be repeated. We know that there are others on earth at the moment, who are attempting similar things, and when I see the suffering that is going on in these particular areas- when I see the people- it is my desire, my task, my duty, to get into these leaders, and to show them the horrors that lie before them should they continue.

Miriam: And may God guide your steps.

Geoff (Hitler) And God does.

I leave you with love and blessings, for this is a wonderful circle. And I thank you for listening and understanding as you do.

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