Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



You can heal with Energy, Colors, Thought, Sound, Crystals, past life regression. There are also many other forms which you will learn later on. This is a huge subject, and we will be covering just the basics here. We can all heal using the basic form of energy. It is built into every one of us, even non-Spiritual people. Healing with energy starts with the ‘desire’ to heal. Imagine a tiny puppy (as long as you love animals) limping towards you with an injured leg, and looks up to you with those big soft eyes that puppies have which say ‘Please help me, I am a poor defenseless puppy’ Doesn’t your heart just melt? Don’t you want to just cuddle it to you and love it better? Well, you are loving it better. The love you feel inside you is energy directed at the puppy. Does the puppy feel it? Yes, it does. When a child has a pain, then Mommy will kiss it better, and the child goes back to play. What you have inside you is a natural instinct to help others. Something that most people have forgotten to use unless it is for close family. Plus babies and animals as they seem so defenseless.

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