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Helping my Soulmate cross over By Geoff Hindmarch

Verna Hug
Helping my Soulmate cross over Verna was my Soulmate and someone I loved with a passion.  After a lifetime of love and adventure she was slowly dying with heart failure. I would wake 10 times a night to help her sit upright and breathe – there was nothing else I could do, fluid was filling her lungs, and it was just a matter of time. When the end was near, we called an ambulance and she was taken to hospital where she slipped into semi consciousness. It was time to let her go. Being both Mediums, I went to our favourite place in meditation and met her there. I told her it was time to go. After the biggest and longest hug ever, I made her turn and walk towards the horizon, and not look back (I wouldn’t have been able to handle that,). She was joined by many helpers, and I just sent her all the love in the World and told her to keep walking. I just wanted her to cross over and be free of pain. They disappeared into the distance and sometime later I saw fireworks on the horizon and I knew she was home. Whenever I think of her now, I think of that last hug and it just brings a smile to my face. She is always with me – I can handle this.  

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