Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


INFORMATION TOWER IN DIFFERENT DIMENSION – 1994   By In this meditation a guide called Ishmael is channeling through Miriam. Geoff – Now I am withdrawing from that valley, moving upwards and backwards and the valley is becoming darker as I leave it. I go straight to a city where there is a very tall tower, it looks like a circular building but very tall, it stands far higher than anything else in this city. It seems out of proportion, it seems like 20 times bigger than any sky scraper that I have seen before. The tower is not real, the city is real, the tower is a creation in a different dimension. So it is placed in this city for a reason. It seems to be a center, a landmark where spirit checks in on the way to somewhere else, it seems to have lot of little rooms in it which are totally open, and there is no outer wall. A bit like a honeycomb in a way, it reminds me of bees which all come in and out, and goes in all different directions. Miriam (Ishmael) – A very good description. Geoff – And these are spirits who come there, what is stored there are memories and experiences and lessons in that particular area relating to the past, present and the future, plus different dimensions, plus the different levels of teaching for the different students and so on, the whole lot put together, so that when a spirit wants to come down to Durban for instance – it would automatically come down to a tower like this and on the way through pick up the earthly memories and history of the person or group that he wants to talk to. Miriam (Ishmael) – A bit like going to the library in a way. Geoff – Yeah, so if a visitor passes, they would have access to this information, simply by going to the right area of this library and as he simply passes through it he picks up the information that he needs. Now as we can sense things in meditation, so spirit can sense things to a much higher degree, so it is very simple for an experienced teacher or guide to pass through this library, and as they pass through, sense the whole story, past, present and future, so they have that when they talk to someone. Miriam (Ishmael) – Yes, much quicker than you can read a book. Geoff – Now with access to all that information, that is why when in a circle and somebody asks a question when someone has passed over, they don’t have access to that information immediately, they didn’t bring it with them, they only have access to what has been discussed before in the group and the paths of people. Miriam (Ishmael) – Yes that is correct, sometimes it can be relayed very quickly and other times not. Geoff – So if there was a question, the question would be relayed back to the tower and then sent out along a “postal route” to try and contact the person that they were referring to, but he has to be found in the first place, hmmm okay. So the tower I saw was in the middle of the city, so I am trying to see now where these towers are. Time and distance don’t mean anything as far as travel goes for spirit, so the tower, there wouldn’t be lots of towers for one country, it makes sense to keep everything in one tower for that country, so it is like a reference point. If they say Africa, then there is a tower for Africa, but there are subdivisions, if you like, the tower I am seeing now say Africa right at the top, and as you come down there are subdivisions in the different counties, so this tower, because it is in a different dimension, and because spirit travels instantaneously, the tower could travel as well, whether the spirits mind goes to the tower or vice versa it doesn’t make any difference. So the tower itself is not at any specific pint, at any specific place, it is within Africa somewhere. Miriam (Ishmael) – That is it. Geoff – So you have just got to think of the tower and you will immediately be drawn to it. Right, very clever. I am going to go to this tower to see if I can access information on a specific subject, and the subject I can take is Durban for instance. Okay it is difficult to get information just on Durban, because that is not relevant, when a spirit comes down and goes to a group, you get the information on that particular group, or on a specific person, not on an area because that is irrelevant. Miriam (Ishmael) – That’s right. Geoff – Alright, so instead I will take the Zulu Nation, and instead of a specific person, it will be the group energy of the Zulu Nation, now I want to go to the tower and access that information. Okay I am in the tower, but I cannot read and I cannot sense the information that is there, I know it is there, but I haven’t got the ability to read it and understand it. Miriam (Ishmael) – Not yet. Geoff – Right, in past lives, on the other side I have used, in situations, like the tower, where I have been teaching, I have got information from there. But being in a life on earth now, first of all the mind would not be able to accept the tremendous amount of information, which is gathered in one stroke or pass, and secondly it would be unwise and potentially could change the course of many things to allow me access to that information regardless of the abilities that I might have. Miriam (Ishmael) – It would not be right for you as yet. Geoff – Right, so I can leave that one there.

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