Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


ISHIA   By In this meditation Ishia is channeling through Miriam. Geoff – I can see two little eyes, there is a form of alien, it has a smooth, scaly face with just two eyes, this is a creature that is about to go through a big development. What I am seeing is a hole in a sandy wall, it is the side of a hill which is packed sand, and this creature has just emerged from a hole, it is about as thick as my leg, smooth and scaly, no mouth, just the two eyes, must be fifteen, twenty feet long, it has emerged and is around me, and what we are doing is, its method of communication is not telepathy but by contact of the auras, as it is next to me, it’s aura touching mine, I can feel what it is thinking and vice versa. Miriam (Ishia) – Yes, that is very good Geoff – It is a lovely creature, it doesn’t eat, it gets it’s nourishment from its body, from rays in the air, mainly the sun’s rays, as the sun passes through earth, it changes into many different types of rays which this creature then picks up through its scaly exterior and turns it into energy which nourishes its system, and repairs and rebuilds and so on. Additional energy that it doesn’t need just runs off it like water, it is very intelligent and what it is asking me is if I would permit it to read my life history from my aura, it is a very personal thing so they always ask for permission, and I said “Yes”, and it is just an instant understanding of my life history, my background. What it sees is not all the experiences that I have gone through, but the total of the experiences and how experienced I am in each category, and there are thousands of categories and this gives it a picture of exactly who I am and how I think and everything about me. Miriam (Ishia) – You are quite right so far Geoff – It can travel through mud, sand and in the sea and can exist for long periods of time at great depths, when it needs more energy it just moves closer to the surface to pick up rays, which will last it for a long time, like recharging a battery. It spends its life communicating with all and sundry, human form, spiritual, entities, animals, divas everything, it stores this knowledge which gives it a greater understanding of life in general. It can also dispense harmony, for want of a better word, if you can imagine a graph which goes up and down and these are all the thousands of experiences that make up our character, and if the body wasn’t quite balanced because you have had too much of one experience and not enough of the other, it will fill that gap where necessary, when it is not important for you to experience that in this lifetime, it will fill that gap to make your body or soul more harmonious, it is like going around and repairing things. Now as we looked just now, helping divas, animals and human souls in groups, this creature does a similar job on the earth plane, on an established level. So it has got a hell of a lot experience and energy and it goes around correcting faults and updating things  wherever it is needed, it will go to correct a balance, now as the divas called us just now to help with the overgrown flora and fauna in this valley, so it can call upon this creature, it is slightly different because then this creature would then go to the divas to correct their harmony, to give them the right attitude to do the job themselves, that is why it is slightly different. Now I am just going to catch up with him and get a name, as I touch him he seems to be changing into spiritual, the casing has just fallen away and he has become a spirit, not an animal spirit, but a human spirit. Miriam (Ishia) – Yes Geoff – And the reason that he had that particular form, was so that he can transfer this harmony from a spiritual vibration to an earthly one, that was his container. Miriam (Ishia) – Yes, now you have got it Geoff – Great, and now I just get closer to him as a spirit, he said in the beginning that some event was going to happen, and that was it. We did something to help remove this casing, I am not sure exactly what it was, but that is irrelevant. He is just giving out lots of love, he has learnt and advanced so much that he is really full of love, and that love is a very powerful force. Miriam (Ishia) – It is, very, very powerful. Geoff – And again he directs an amount of that love to Verna, that is twice she has been brought into it tonight. He understand the group and he is happy with the experience and he is laughing at me seeing this, he just says – love to everybody and bless you and so on and off he goes. Miriam (Ishia) – And I think that will be a wonderful note on which to end the evening. Geoff – Yes I think so, absolutely beautiful Miriam (Ishia) – So beautiful, so much love Geoff – Yes, what we have learnt is still only the tip of the iceberg Miriam (Ishia) – So much more that you learn each week, and so much that you can digest Geoff – I can understand that, just a little bit at a time Miriam (Ishia) – I thank you for letting me come tonight, the power from here is tremendous, and I am so glad that you have been able to pick up everything that you have been given tonight. And I look forward to coming back here another time. I wish you well and a joyous holiday, and also to your family. And this is Ishia saying goodnight, and God bless you. Geoff – Ishia, thank you for coming, bless you. .

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