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KHALIF TALKING ABOUT HIS LIFE IN EGYPT IN 1173 – Feb 1989 In this meditation Khalif channels through Miriam. Miriam (Khalif) – Good evening to you all. Verna – Good evening, welcome. Miriam (Khalif) – How could I compete with that? (The last speaker) Verna – I would like it all confirmed, we are so excited about it all. Miriam (Khalif) – It will be confirmed you can rest assured about that. You have the means here, you have the history, but not where I came from, it would only be word of mouth, and I am speaking of the land of Egypt, I am a stranger to you but I am one of the many who are attracted to this circle. You could go back and learn quite a bit but I think you would have to be very skilled in the different language of hieroglyphics, we were a very proud family, we had much land, in fact I should say we had quite a lot of land. But ours was not farming land, ours was mostly grazing, we had sheep in those days and I am going back many years, going back to the year 1173. Verna – That is a long time ago. Miriam (Khalif) – And the land then was beautiful in Egypt, it was very fertile as you have heard before, very fertile, we were not near the Nile, we were further South, but it was beautiful. We had bison, which was quite unusual for those parts then, but that is what he had mostly. We had one or two yaks, but the bison were the biggest herds. There is only one brother and I to follow in father’s footsteps, and we were fortunate that we both liked the job we were doing, looking after the cattle, we were away from home for many months, many months. It was a long and tedious journey at times, but we had to not only see to the cattle, we had to tend to and see to the people who looked after the cattle. We had to make sure that supplies were taken where they were needed, we had to see that those who needed punishment were taken back to the main hub of the estate, where a court was sat and punishment given when necessary. I think looking back that our punishment of those days was very harsh, but it was what we thought best at the time. We also had to contend with raiders from other paths who would take over one of the small settlements of the workers, and if things were running smoothly for a while, it would be some time until we found out, and of course there would be a skirmish until they were ousted. Fortunately that did not happen very often. My mother was a very beautiful and gifted lady, she was absolutely useless in the house, but she had many, many other talents, she was what you would now call a healer, and she knew a lot about herbs. She used to travel with it sometimes although it was never very pleasant on these long journeys, and she was also very musical, she used to play an instrument, like the lyre, and she could sing. But the healing is what she did best, she had such a gift, but if she could not heal at least she always brought comfort. And she was able to reassure that they could fight back, because after all that is what the body should be taught to do, to fight back. It has a lot to do with the mind, it is something that you are learning isn’t it? Verna – Yes. Miriam (Khalif) – People never lived very long where we were, I think a lot to do with the heat, and of course the disease, once a disease struck, it spread like wild fire amongst the workers. But at least we didn’t pollute the place like it is now, we watch from this side and we are so grieved that the beauty is being destroyed and there is so little we can do, except to talk to people such as you, and we do ask them to help in any way they can by not neglecting nature, for without nature there will be nothing. And it is going back that way, there are more and more people who are understanding what your grandparents and great grandparents used for medication and with a combination of some of the new ones, it should be a better world. Oh aren’t some of the doctors finicky? Oh they stress this and that and the other, and I am not talking about Dr Paul, but it is too much commercialised, it is all money. I am picturing now one of the tents that we had as a medical center, I can see that bad cases that were brought in to be treated, and of course in those days there was no cutlery, but our hygiene was as good as we could make it, it was always one hand for eating, and the other for bodily cleanliness, and never did you mix, so we did our best. But it was hard sometimes to see people suffer, just as it is now, but you have different diseases, and I digress what I was saying, what we did. The skins were always used for tents and clothing, the horns for our cups and weaponry, and jewelry for the ladies, they loved to be adorned. The meat we dried, and we were never short of that, and with the land fertile, we had fruit, vegetables, corn, different to yours, but never the less it was corn, but it was a hard life, hard but companionable. For nearly everyone that you met was confined to the estate, therefore you made friends with most people. Our schooling was very little, not schooling like you have now, but elders teaching what they know. The women teaching what they know, and at the get together, if something different had been tried then the knowledge was shared. I hope that has given you a little idea, and I am very sorry that you can’t go and check back to the year 1173. But it is on one or two scrolls you will find something, about life then, but not so much of my family, but maybe I could come back another day again. Geoff – Yes you must do that. Miriam (Khalif) – And tell you some more, and maybe I could get my brother to join me, it depends what he is doing. This is Khalif saying goodbye and God bless you. Geoff – Thank you Khalif.

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