Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


In this meditation I am being taught “Sensing” by a Guide called Running Water, who is channeling through Miriam. Geoff –     Right, so we’ll leave that area.  Now, I’m in a South American wood – there’s very dense foliage and there’s a huge tree in front of me.  I’m about 50 feet away from it, sitting on the ground.  It’s very damp and mossy.  And I’m much smaller than usual.  And there’s a little ridge, which looks like dried bark, and coming out from underneath this ridge there’s lots of black beetles.  And they’re about two inches long.   Black.  They’re sort of going straight past me and over me.  I pick them up and feel them.  They’ve got…  They’re on a mission somewhere.   The place where they’ve been living seems to be getting…  Now, they’ve sensed that the area where they’re living will soon become waterlogged.  The water table from below is rising and they can sense this so they’re leaving to go to higher ground. Miriam (Running Water)    That is so. Geoff –     And this is also to do with sensing.   I’ll get down to their size and get inside this bark where the bulk of them are, right down at the bottom where there’s all the lava and all the bits and pieces, and try and sense how they know that this water is rising.   The water is not coming up from below.  It will do eventually.  But the water is actually coming towards them, from quite a way away.  It’s, let’s say, 50 to 100 feet away, and it’s like seeping through the earth.  Nothing has reached them but this whole community can sense this. Miriam (Running Water)    What senses do beetles use? Geoff –     This is what I’m trying to see.  You see, I can see it; I can just sense it there, but I don’t know HOW at this stage.  It would be mass.  Normal earth is porous but with the water coming towards it, it becomes more solid.  Like I saw the mountain just now. Miriam (Running Water)    That is it! Geoff –     So this is a SENSE that they have built in.  Of course, they are not “Spiritually” developed, it’s just a matter of sense. Miriam (Running Water)    That is so.  But it is not a sense that YOU would have. Geoff –     Yes.  It’s like the times when I’ve been in the grey lands, where things have been grey, and suddenly you can sense a spirit coming towards you, which is a different composition. Miriam (Running Water)    He’s thick and suffocating in the grey lands. Geoff –     Yes, but you can still distinguish the spirit from the grey area. Miriam (Running Water)    Yes. Geoff –     Now, just talking about the greylands for a minute, if you concentrate you can smell the air in the greylands. Miriam (Running Water)    Yes, you can. Geoff –     So what am I sensing WITH?  Is it the third eye that I’m sensing with? Miriam (Running Water)    It is partly the third eye and partly the higher itself. Geoff –     Yes.  I’m seeing a sort of clearer picture now that can’t be explained.  Okay.  There’s no point in going back to the beetles at this stage.  Let’s just look to see where we go next.  I’m looking at a hole in the ground.  It’s some form of animal burrow and by looking in the entrance, although it’s dark, I can see that it turns around to the left and is a burrow.   I’m able to see through the earth and because of the emptiness of the tunnels, I’m picking that up so therefore I can see which way the tunnels go.   I’m looking at it from the outside.   Again, they’ve given me another example in rock, I can see a cave behind rock.  I’ve tried looking down into the earth but for long distances that’s very difficult.  I can only see so far into it. Miriam (Running Water)    But it will come. Geoff –     But also, if necessary, I can travel through it and still see a certain distance all the way as I’m traveling through.   So if I had to find somewhere specific or whatever…    Now I’ve gone underwater and I’m still suspended in the water, not touching anything, yet I can feel the slime on the base of the roots.   I can feel the mud and the sticks and twigs below the mud. Miriam (Running Water)    Different textures in the vibrations. Geoff –     Yes.  Now, I’m sort of doing this through the third eye.  Would I be able to do this physically? Miriam (Running Water)    Not for a long time. Geoff –     No, but it IS something that can be done? Miriam (Running Water)    It is something that can be done; and it will be done. Geoff –     Right. Miriam (Running Water)    It’s more the vibrations that you’ll be learning. Geoff –     The next one I’ve got is snow on the side of the mountain.  I can feel how deep the snow is and where the mountain starts.   Also how the mountain, or the rock, is much colder than the actual snow.  Let’s look at something hot.  I’ve got a hot spring.  This is like a hot, mud pool.  I can see how the earth around it is very dry.  I can see so far down into it.   I want to feel the temperature.   Now I’ll try a flame. Now, in the flame I can’t sense any heat at all. Miriam (Running Water)    Why do you think that is? Geoff –     Maybe the flame is negative. Miriam (Running Water)    Yes. Geoff –     All right; so it’s not a positive energy, because it doesn’t create anything.  Right? Miriam (Running Water)    What about something very cold?  Let’s go to Iceland.   See what you get. Geoff –     Right, I’m in water in Iceland, next to an iceberg, or near one.  And I can sense the cold is thicker water. Miriam (Running Water)    Yes. Geoff –     Not to the degree of like crushed ice but it just feels thicker.  And it’s also more clinging. Miriam (Running Water)    Yes. Geoff –     I’m on the land now, where there is… it’s all snow and ice.  I’ve scraped away the snow so I’m below in the solid ice.  I can feel my hand burning, or I can sense the burning cold.  Because up here the snow itself is not all that cold.   The ice is. Miriam (Running Water)    And what about sounds? Geoff –     I can remember meditating once on the top of a mountain, surrounded by snow, and I could hear the snow actually cracking and moving.  Ordinary sound – there doesn’t seem to be any. Miriam (Running Water)    No. Geoff –     There’s not supposed to be any?  [LAUGHING] Miriam (Running Water)    There’s not supposed to be.  It is shutting out the sound. Geoff –     Because you don’t NEED the sound.  Because I started off trying to hear sounds and all I did was draw sounds from memory.  As soon as I stopped that, there was no sound there.  The other senses that you have make up for there being no sound.  You don’t need sound because sound is a physical sense. Miriam (Running Water)    Yes. Geoff –     Okay.  But I have heard spiritual sound before.  And that is more of a vibration, a feeling. Miriam (Running Water)    Yes. Geoff –     A sense where you feel the sound waves coming towards you and you can sort of automatically interpret them.   I tried speed – high speed.  I know you can pass through things; we do it all the time.  And I passed through quite a small mountain and out the other side.  What I felt was a pressure on the top of my head.  Now, is this sensing or does that come from memory? Miriam (Running Water)    That is sensing. Geoff –     Sensing the thickness of it? Miriam (Running Water)    Yes. Geoff –     That’s very clever. Miriam (Running Water)    VERY clever.  [LAUGHTER] Geoff –     Yes, it’s very good.  Now, let’s see if PAIN exists.  No, I can’t really… Oh, yes, it can.  I must just try with pain.  You can’t actually feel the pain, but you can sense the damage. Miriam (Running Water)    Yes, you can. Geoff –     You sense where the pain should be, according to physical laws. Miriam (Running Water)    Yes.  And in time you will learn to conquer pain – but only when it is feasible.  Because there are times when you must not. Geoff –     With karma? Miriam (Running Water)    Not just your karma; to know if it is improving or getting worse.  If you conquer pain you could do a lot of damage. Geoff –     Yes.  Yes, I understand that.  So would you conquer pain through your physical body or is it your etheric body that controls your physical? Miriam (Running Water)    It is your etheric body, not your physical. Geoff –     Now, would the bodies…?   There are quite a few different bodies.  I know you’ve got the physical, the etheric, the astral, and the mental.   So which one do we use at the moment? Miriam (Running Water)    You concentrate and YOU tell ME. Geoff –     Ah. Miriam (Running Water)    And always ask your higher self for help.  He likes to help you occasionally. Geoff –     Right.  Well, I can see one which I will call my spiritual body. Miriam (Running Water)    Yes. Geoff –     That is me, the higher self, the one that lives for many lifetimes and is always there, that is part of oneness and part of God.   That we call spiritual.  The mental body contains your old memories – no, … yes and no.  Parts of your old memories – it’s the link to your old memories. Miriam (Running Water)    Yes. Geoff –     And only on occasion does your higher self allow you to utilise that. Miriam (Running Water)    Yes, that’s true. Geoff –     This mental body is programmed for what you will need for the forthcoming physical life that you’re going to go through… Miriam (Running Water)    Yes. Geoff –     … Then there is an astral body surrounding that. Miriam (Running Water)    That’s right.  I hoped you weren’t going to miss that one! Geoff –     And the astral body envelopes the others and it’s so that you can be seen uniformly.  Everybody can see my astral body as being… it’s just a form of recognition. Miriam (Running Water)    Yes, that’s it. Geoff –     Physical, spiritual, mental and astral. Miriam (Running Water)    If you would like help, just ask. Geoff –     I’m just trying to think…  I thought first of all…  I read somewhere there were SEVEN bodies.  But I can only see these four. Miriam (Running Water)    That is all you need to see now. Geoff –     All right, then, let’s see what else I can see either regarding these bodies…  I mean, this situation or the next one.  Are there more to this one? Miriam (Running Water)    Well, what is the question you asked before? Geoff –     It was faith that was the first one. Miriam (Running Water)    Which body you were using. Geoff –     Oh, that’s right. Miriam (Running Water)    Yes.   … and your answer? Geoff –     The one I’m using now is the mental body. Miriam (Running Water)    Mostly.   But you didn’t you use a bit of your astral the other day?  So at times you use ALL. Geoff –     The spiritual body must go wherever.  Okay, so, in meditation, as now, I will be having my spiritual and physical bodies here, and I will be projecting my mental and astral bodies to feed back information. Miriam (Running Water)    Yes. Geoff –     Right.  So that is projecting your astral.  Now I know what it means.    Now astral traveling would be…   instead of projecting it, it would take the spiritual body along with it, and just leave the physical here. Miriam (Running Water)    Yes. Geoff –     Right.  That makes a lot of sense now. Miriam (Running Water)    Oh, we ARE sensible, you know! Geoff –     Yes, [LAUGHING] that’s very good.  Now, I know eventually I’ll start remembering astral travel. Miriam (Running Water)    Yes, you will. Geoff –     But I’m just curious.  When you are astral traveling and you arrive somewhere, is there feeling in things, solidness? Miriam (Running Water)    Oh, yes, definitely. Geoff –     So it would just be like sitting in this room here, feeling everything that’s around, but more to it? Miriam (Running Water)    Just the same. Geoff –     Oh, right.  It must be quite an experience. Miriam (Running Water)    Oh, it is. Geoff –     Yes.  All right.  Now, let’s see where we go from here.  Now, I’m being shown the third eye and it’s going to be to USE the third eye.   The third eye does two things………I can see 2 functions for the third eye at the moment. Number 1 it’s good for communication with Spirit. It finds the connection – let’s call it the spirit voice, and then it tunes in the mental body to be able to receive that signal. Geoff –     The other use I can see is if I sit in meditation and I want to go to Sydney, Australia, or a place in a different dimension like my peace centre, then the third eye makes the connection and then takes the mental and astral bodies to that place. And …          (HESITATION FROM GEOFF) Miriam (Running Water)    You sound puzzled. Geoff –     No.  I was just thinking ahead.  Can I ask you a question? Miriam (Running Water)    I’ll not promise to answer.   I’ve heard about you asking questions but I will accept it. Geoff –     It’s probably a logical one to answer.  If I’ve been through several hundred lifetimes I’ve obviously learnt a lot about spiritual life, spiritual development and so on.  And from what I’ve seen, I know an awful lot. Miriam (Running Water)    Yes. Geoff –     And yet in this lifetime I’m in the physical and now going through that learning stage again.  Would it not be easier if I just remembered what I have learnt so that I can put it into practice?  What is the purpose of me learning again over a longer period, over several years, instead of just bringing those experiences from past lives? Miriam (Running Water)    For one thing, it is not just a question of you remembering.  Other people around you are also being taught at the same time, and other people are teaching you.  And if you were just to remember, then it would not work out the same.   I will perhaps explain that more another time but right now that is all I can tell you. Geoff –     Right. Miriam (Running Water)    This is the life that you have chosen and this is the way you have wished it. Geoff –     All right.   Okay, I can understand that to a degree.  We’ll leave that. Miriam (Running Water)    It’s like saying ‘Why do I have to go to school?’  I already know it.  Why can I not just remember?  You have to go through this.  You have to go through the motions.  In certain instances, when certain people who come – certain spirits who come – as an adult. Geoff –     Yes but I am learning a lot faster than normal? Miriam (Running Water)    Yes, you are; much faster. Geoff –     There’s a lot of stuff I’ve already forgotten too. Miriam (Running Water)    Yes, you have. Geoff –     But I think, when the time comes, I will remember it. Miriam (Running Water)    You will remember it. Geoff –     Right. Miriam (Running Water)    Because it is benefiting other people. Geoff –     Yes.  So it’s not only the three of us in this room but there are also young spirits that are watching you teach me, and so on. Miriam (Running Water)    And there are other circles who watch while you are meditating.  And to see how you progress. Geoff –     Other circles too? Miriam (Running Water)    Other circles – yes and they WILL be in contact later. Geoff –     Okay.  Right, let’s just leave the questions for now. Miriam (Running Water)    Before you go into anything else.  Can I ask you to put your mind now…   We have discussed some things.   Can I ask you to listen to the wind? Geoff –     To the wind? Miriam (Running Water)    Yes, the wind.   Put your mind to it and tell me what you feel and what you hear. Geoff –     (A LONG PAUSE)  It’s not so much hearing it.  I started with a very light wind which I sort of feel as a coolness on my face – I can feel nothing physically here but I can “feel” the coolness of it; I don’t feel the “wind”.   That’s how I recognise a light wind.   Now a stronger wind, the same way – by feeling it.  A very strong wind has a certain thickness to it.   I can sense a sound in the wind.   (PAUSE)  Now I’ve gone right to the extreme in something like a hurricane.  But there’s no…   The sensation now is that I’m totally cut off from it.  It’s not necessary for me to feel anything against my skin or hear anything because you can see the energy, which is sweeping across the grounds or whatever, you can sense them.   It’s destructive.  It is and it isn’t negative; it’s very hard to explain.   The wind is positive anyway but once it reaches a certain peak and creates damage, it’s a destructive wind and therefore I can see it as being negative but with positive in it. Miriam (Running Water)    Yes. Geoff –     So once it reaches that sort of force, that’s when the negativity comes in.  So that’s how you can recognise sort of how strong or destructive the wind is. Miriam (Running Water)    Something else we had to know as youngsters.  We had to move the cattle and various things, and look after them, and we had to know how strong and what direction – all these things we had to learn which was connected to nature. Geoff –     Yes.  You had to recognise them from a distance.  I’ve been out in the physical, especially fishing, when I know there is rain about to come, and sometimes it’s like a cool wind which precedes the rain.  A lot of times it’s just like a change in atmosphere, a change in pressure in the surrounding air and you automatically know it’s going to rain. Miriam (Running Water)    Exactly. Geoff –     Now, that sensing in the physical would be done through – past experience or subconscious? Miriam (Running Water)    It’s just subconscious; something that you would learn automatically as a child.  Now I shall leave you to find your way onto something else. Geoff –     Thank you.  That was very interesting.   Very good.   Thank you for your help.

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