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LEARNING TO SENSE WITH YOUR THIRD EYE (Part 1) By SpiritualDictionary.com

In this meditation a Guide called Running water who is channeling through Miriam is taking me into astral to learn “Sensing”. Geoff –    What I started off with was a long trail of feathers, and these feathers are all planted upright in the ground, and they form a zigzag pattern, it goes for a long way, and I sort of went up to the end and stopped and turned back.   Then I went off somewhere else and I came back and these feathers were still there.  I’ve run my hands along the tops of these feathers to feel them.  And I think it’s to do with sensing.  The texture of the feathers I can see very clearly; I know what they feel like and what they look like and what they smell like.  It’s a form of exercise with senses.  The feathers are not stuck in the ground; they’re stuck in what looks like some brown sacking material.  And that, in turn, is lying on sand.  The texture of the sand – I can feel the warmth of the sand.  There’s grass next to the sand, which I can see very clearly.  When I run my fingers through it I can feel the parts that are wet. Miriam (Running Water)    Isn’t it wonderful what you can experience now with your third eye? Geoff –   Yes. Miriam (Running Water)    And this is Running Water. Geoff –    Oh, welcome! Miriam (Running Water)    My pleasure. Geoff –    They are your feathers, are they? Miriam (Running Water)    Yes, they are my feathers. Geoff –    Right. Miriam (Running Water)    They are there for a reason. Geoff –    The feathers are some of the lightest things to learn with. Miriam (Running Water)    They are. Geoff –    And through thought I can actually sort of destroy one feather at a time.  Which I did accidentally just now.  But if I take a feather out, I can make it hover or move up and down.  Of course, this is in astral which is different than physical. Miriam (Running Water)    It is! Geoff –    To do that in the physical, I would need to have absolute faith to make it work. Miriam (Running Water)    Well, you have done this with a cloud! Geoff –    Oh, right.  Yes, I was thinking about that today.  I’ve tried doing it since.  I tried once after that and it didn’t work.  I think that was because I believed it didn’t work.  When I first tried it on a cloud, I’d read in a book that it was possible, so therefore I believed it was possible and maybe that’s what made it happen. Miriam (Running Water)    Yes. Geoff –    So if I had enough faith, I could do all sorts of things.  Which is where I’m trying to get.  I was thinking about that this morning.  I know that what I experience through meditation like this is quite genuine, true, but that’s in a different dimension.  To work the same thing in THIS dimension I haven’t had any experience in, and therefore I need to do something to create a little bit of faith so I can see the energy work, and then build it up. Miriam (Running Water)    Yes. Geoff –    What is the best thing to do to start with? Miriam (Running Water)    Oh, no; you work that out for yourself!  I’m not going to tell you!  I only come here to observe and make sure you’re picking up the power.  It’s for you to do the lesson and we will correct you if you want. Geoff –    Right.  Well, what if I started with a feather? Miriam (Running Water)    Yes, that’s a good idea. Geoff –    So if I kept it in the palm of my hand with my palms facing upwards, and tried to project energy through my hand to raise the feather…   It would only have to raise a fraction of an inch… Miriam (Running Water)    Yes. Geoff –    … for me to have the belief that it worked, which gives me the faith – which means I can do more after that.  So that’s what I can start with: the feathers. Miriam (Running Water)    And something else you could start with quite easily, that you tried the other day and it did not work.  Now, what was it? Geoff –    Oh, the cloud? Miriam (Running Water)    Yes.  I’m afraid it was too far gone for you to do anything, it really was. Geoff –    Oh, right.  Yes, I worked on a plant back home, on the morning of Sharon’s birthday, which was a drooping lily, and I worked on it just for five or ten minutes, and at the end of the day it did look better.  There definitely was an improvement. Miriam (Running Water)    Well, you get quicker results by negative thought – but we don’t want you to do that. Geoff –    You get QUICKER results by negative thoughts? Miriam (Running Water)    Yes.  You will notice that, it will droop quicker, than it will IMPROVE quicker. Geoff –    Oh, I see.  So again, with negative energy, it will sort of die and droop? Miriam (Running Water)    Yes. Geoff –    Oh, right.  I never thought of that. Miriam (Running Water)    Unfortunately it doesn’t work with weeds!  [WHICH RAISES A LAUGH]  I could guess what your mom was thinking when she worked in the garden, and I think your father was thinking the same thing. Geoff –    All right, well, we’ll start with the plant and the feather.  And, with just a little bit of concentration every day…    I think probably how it would work is, if I concentrate every day, till eventually it gets boring, and then one day I’ll just be concentrating and it’ll just happen. Miriam (Running Water)    Yes. Geoff –    Right. Miriam (Running Water)    But your mind must be clear.  It’s no good having one ear open for the telephone.  You must concentrate on what you’re doing. Miriam (Running Water)    Right.  Okay, I’ll go back to the feathers that I saw on the ground and the grass.  And being able to sense that so clearly in meditation. Miriam (Running Water)    Makes it so much worthwhile. Geoff –    Makes what worthwhile? Miriam (Running Water)    It makes it so much more worthwhile when you can sense and feel it. Geoff –    Oh, yes. Miriam (Running Water)    It’s better than just visualising. Geoff –    Yes, that’s right.  Now, I’ve got some water, and I’m playing with that.  And I can feel the coolness of the water and the wetness on my hand.  I’m picking up stones a little bit below the water, which I can feel, and, of course, the air.  If I concentrate, I can feel the air around.   Now, it is always a sort of constant cool temperature – the air, whenever I’m in meditation.  But yesterday, for instance, when I was on top of the mountain, I knew that it was cold and windy.  But, of course, you can’t feel it.  I can still feel cool, comfortable air. Miriam (Running Water)    But there will be times when you are doing meditation that you’ll find it very, very hot – for a particular reason. Geoff –    That’s energy going through you, isn’t it? Miriam (Running Water)    Yes. Geoff –    Yes, I’ve done that on a few occasions.  In the beginning, when I used to do rescues, I used to build up a tremendous amount of heat.  And now, just with practice, it doesn’t build up the same amount of heat, or my body can control that more because I’ve practiced enough. Miriam (Running Water)    Yes, you can control it. Geoff –    Yes, let’s just see what else I can see with the senses.  I’m trying to sense a sort of not just grass or feathers or whatever but whole areas.  I’m sitting on the top of a hill at the moment, looking down, and it’s very grassy.  And there’s a big hill going up the other side, to a small mountain.  I’m trying to sense, for instance, how the mountain feels.  And I can, to a degree: I can sense the immovability of it, the solidness and the actual mass. Miriam (Running Water)    That is good. Geoff –    So I presume if it was night-time and I couldn’t see, I would be able to SENSE that it was there. Miriam (Running Water)    Yes, you would. Geoff –    Now, looking up at the stars, it’s certainly night-time.  I’m lying back and looking up and I can sense distance. Miriam (Running Water)    That is excellent! Geoff –    It’s like a sort of vacuum in front of me.  I’m trying to explain what it feels like. Miriam (Running Water)    I understand what you mean.  It is an emptiness. Geoff –    Yes. Miriam (Running Water)    And do you have any big boulders around you? Geoff –    I can always put some there.  [WITH A LAUGH]  Yes. Miriam (Running Water)    Fine.  What do you feel from that? Geoff –    What I’m looking at, at the moment, is not a loose boulder; it’s connected to the ground and looks like a boulder.  And I can feel the connection, feel it being PART OF. Miriam (Running Water)    Yes. Geoff –    Now, if I try a loose boulder, it seems lighter and greyer but it doesn’t feel so solid and fixed.  It doesn’t feel immovable like the mountain did just now. Miriam (Running Water)    Yes. Geoff –    Although it’s huge. Miriam (Running Water)    It feels perhaps more porous? Geoff –    Yes, it does. Miriam (Running Water)    Now I’m going to ask you a question.  Imagine that you are an Indian and you are living in a very barren territory with just a few boulders and the little bit of grass that you have seen. Geoff –    Yes. Miriam (Running Water)    Now, the Indian is learning directions but he has his eyes bound.  This is something he has been taught. Geoff –    Yes. Miriam (Running Water)    Can you imagine how he finds his way?  First of all, in the daylight, with the sun, and then in the darkness? Geoff –    Without light? Miriam (Running Water)    Without light.  Just the senses. Geoff –    Yes.  I can see, like you were saying, the porousness of things. Miriam (Running Water)    Yes. Geoff –    The Mountains are rock solid; the boulders are slightly more porous.  But where you’ve got a cactus – and there’s a big one in front of me – it is more porous still, a lighter material. Miriam (Running Water)    In other words, you are feeling what a blind man would feel.  Would you feel the same in the dark, when it was really night-time? Geoff –    More or less the same Miriam (Running Water)    Now remove the blindfold and I want you to start tracking.  Something has gone ahead of you – or someone – now try and see if you can pick out which way they have gone. Geoff –    No. Miriam (Running Water)    No footsteps. Geoff –    No, right.  I can see WHERE they are ahead, because I can see the grayness. Miriam (Running Water)    Ah. Geoff –    It’s a different composition. Miriam (Running Water)    Yes, it is.  But your eyes have got the length, from the third eye, that you would not have normally. Geoff –    Aha. Miriam (Running Water)    The distance is greater.  And this is cultivated amongst the Indians.  They have to do a lot of traveling – and where there is no civilization, they have none of the amenities that you have today. Geoff –    Yes. Miriam (Running Water)    This is something that we are taught. Geoff –    When I normally go into meditation, I sense specific things and I’m drawn towards specific things.  For example, I would be able to sense a cave.  I don’t know how I do that; I just sense it and know it’s there.  Now, is that the same sort of thing? Miriam (Running Water)    It is. Geoff –    Right.  That was excellent.  Thank you.

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