Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this one (1989) I am doing the healing in astral and Dr. Paul is the spirit channelling through Miriam to correct any mistakes and clarify. Geoff:  I have someone here who seems to be Indian. He was walking across a bridge and it was a very temporary, makeshift bridge, and his leg went through and he’s gashed his leg from the knee right up to the groin. Miriam (Dr Paul) Yes. Not a pleasant sight. Geoff:  There is an awful lot of blood which must be stopped immediately from the artery, which can be done by putting a bit of pressure on the artery -and that pressure must be held firm. Miriam (Dr Paul) Your father can put the pressure on while – what will you do? Geoff:  Clean the wound, which is minor. The main thing is to close up the wound right at the top of the leg, as it is very, very deep. Miriam (Dr Paul) As you have done before. Hold your two hands across the wound. You’re sealing it off now. He’s very frightened. Geoff:  Yes, I’ve sealed the thickest part inside the leg, but his friends are tying up the leg as best they know how, which will help a lot as we have closed up the main wound inside. Miriam (Dr Paul) Yes. Geoff:  They’re tying his leg up with reeds? Miriam (Dr Paul) Yes. Geoff:  And they will carry him to the next village and he will be fine. Miriam (Dr Paul) And he knows what you are doing, and how you are helping. You see much better now. Or rather that you believe more than what you see is right. Geoff:  Yes, because the things I’ve seen have been so unusual……… Miriam (Dr Paul) Yes. Geoff:  …….that you hesitate in the beginning to say what you see. Miriam (Dr Paul but now you accept more and that will help you such a lot. Geoff:  Yes.

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