Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation another regular guide called Gladys channels through Miriam.
Miriam (Gladys) –Greetings, this is Gladys. People themselves must find out if what they are shown and told is not always the truth. People can deceive and you are puzzled because you know it is deceit, or sleight of hand but you cannot prove it, then how much more sway will someone with much stronger power have over the weak. It is the weak that we have to give confidence to although we are not of course entitled to tell them what to do and who to believe, we can only try to get them to open their eyes and see for themselves. Children are now our biggest target for the moment, for they have been brainwashed by what they have been able to see, hear and read, that is not good for them at all. They have lacked discipline from home, from school, and it is they that will form the future of the next generation, therefore they must be guided well, and for those who are willing to listen then we have many children on our side of the veil, who can get in touch with these children much easier than we can to be convincing. They are not allowed of course to say what has to be done but by telling stories and playing games, many will realise that children are great at copying what others do. These spirit children are very developed souls who have chosen to do this work and they are only allowed a certain length of time before being recalled for a rest period, because they are not allowed to maintain the knowledge of an older soul but must be as children with just a little bit more knowledge than those that they are helping, it is a bit like a teenager who is helping a toddler. But they enjoy the work and often when they have had a rest and something different then they will return, they are returning, because this work has already begun. For those children who are very badly disciplined sometimes when they are in astral then it is pointed out to them the wrong that they have done, but that is all that is done, they are not punished, they are just shown and asked if they think that is right and then it is left for them to decide. Not many can realise at once that what they have done is bad because they are so conditioned to seeing this on your television, to see the older children what they do and see your other programs of destruction and brutality that is going on around them all the time, and they cannot understand why if others can do it, it is wrong for them, so there is just a little explanation and then the seed is planted for the spirit children who will be helping them at a later date. For the older ones we try to do the same but in a different way because we are reasoning with people who have the greater intelligence for the most part and it is pointed out to them how much better it would be if they would be responsible for their own families, for the welfare of those around them, and in a

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