Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

Linking to other circles. By the


In this meditation our circle links up with other individuals in different parts of the world (The Golden Circle) and we take it in turns practicing with the energy. (Unfortunately this starts halfway through the meditation)
  Geoff – We need to correct the balance of nature in this particular area, which has got out of hand, now this energy is softer still on animals and we send it out as a form of mist, which just radiates out from me standing overlooking the scene and it covers all the trees, fields and so on. It comes out like mist but it is a strong energy given by this link up of people, and circles and so on, directed into me by Ernest, made a connection, then sent out in this mist over the area. The divas then take a handful of this mist and use it to increase their own energy to do the little jobs that they want to do. Where for instance this bush that I saw just now without leaves, its roots are being strangled by the growth of grass around it, so the grass has to be untangled from the roots of this bush, so the roots can get more water and nourishment from the soil, so that the leaves will grow again. I want to see what they are doing with the grass, what they are doing is moving the energy around inside the grass, now imagine a piece of grass with five stalks, what they will do is take the energy out of two of the stalks and put it into the other three. It is like in the old days when you used a fountain pen and used the rubber end to suck up the ink, it is the same sort of thing, the energy goes down two of the stalks and flows into the other three. It makes the other three much stronger and healthier, and the two stalks just die away, but they haven’t died, it’s just the outside that has fallen apart. The vibrations in the area are much nicer and harmonious and so are the divas that have had this sort of helping hand to sort out a problem, which was getting a bit on top of them. The object of the three lessons that we have had is that there are many things that can be done to correct the balance of nature   and of animal and human life. We are used to, on the earth plane, using doctors as against spiritual healing, there are many different types of spiritual healing, and what we will be able to do in the future is to adjust and heal on a much larger scale by this linking up of groups. An example would be an area where there is a needless war going on, where there are say a thousand soldiers on a battlefield and instead of taking each individual one and trying to help, we would use the group energy of these various units channeled through one or several people and we can link up these thousand soldiers so they all hear at the same time. And they all feel the sensations, vibrations, the upliftment, the change of mind, the understanding, there are so many things that we can put in as a whole. Many people like myself linking up and surrounding these soldiers, using the energies drawn from all the circles to sort out that particular problem. Now that seems extremely advanced from what we know now, and it is hard to believe in a way at the moment, but in five, ten, fifteen years this will become commonplace to all in this circle and the other circles that they work with. The gap between us and the ordinary people on earth will widen dramatically, but we will function, if you like, at two different levels, one is as a normal person knowing the next door neighbour and they don’t have an understanding of spiritualism, and the other in a circle along with other groups and people doing this work, which there is no ways we could mention it to the ordinary people because it would be too far fetched and unbelievable. Now as these circles progress more people are taught in a variety of different ways, just by seeing somebody who has higher vibrations, who is happy, content, harmonious and so on, they will begin to question. And the questioning is what spirit wants for the development of earth in general, the more people who ask questions, the more they will accept the answers given, because they are seeking knowledge instead of ‘being sold’ a new idea. As the change into the new age comes these units will convert or make knowledge available to more people for those who want to ask, until eventually those spiritually advanced will   dominate and the harmony of the earth and environment will change and that is when the new age will happen. What is left, if you can imagine the majority of people on the earth being spiritual, the minority left will then be those that have not progressed enough spiritually in other lives before this life, and in the majority of cases it will be their karma, this having to go through being in the minority, this not knowing, not understanding etc. Also those that have been given psychic powers and used them the wrong way will also remain in that minority and the gap will widen. Miriam (Ishia) – You have put it very well friend, very well indeed, for that is how it will be. Geoff – Yes quite something, quite fantastic, but I can accept all of it because I have seen it. I understand it. And now, it seems to be something urgent, which needs doing. I am being taken down a road into a wood, the trees are almost bare, a few leaves are brown, very cold, I am going deeper and deeper down this road, with wood on either side. Maybe it is not urgent, not what I thought, what it is, is the wood I have just passed through, it is early Winter, no greenery, I have come to a small clump of houses and the village itself is surrounded by greenery as if it were Spring. The harmony, this is where Ernest lives (A Golden Circle member), the harmony surrounding this little group of houses is great, you can feel it, you can feel the vibrations coming from it, but they can control it. Because of the work that they have been doing, assisting divas and so on, they can control their own environment, and this is not taking advantage of your powers, it is acceptable. Travelers who pass through don’t give it too much thought, they just think that there must be too much water in the area, or some other reason why everything is green, but in actual fact it is controlled by Ernest and his friends, and they have this tremendous relationship with, first of all the divas in the area, and secondly with animals and thirdly with spirits who often go there to communicate, to teach and learn and all sorts of things, a very harmonious place.   And where they live is quite comfortable in as much as they can even sit in the garden in the winter, and the temperature surrounding them is comfortable and not freezing cold. Miriam (Ishia) – There are many people who can do that in the East. Geoff – Yes and the people that live there, I can see seven that I know of, they are all highly advanced spirits and very beautiful people, beautiful souls. They are watching me talk about them, and watching the circle, as I can see them so they can see us. They send their thanks that we have joined them, they send their love and ask that we enjoy this break, this Christmas, and know that we will view things in a happier light, every time we gain more knowledge, it will make us that much happier, that is the message, the more we learn the happier we will become, the more harmonious we will be with each other and the group and they say God bless and goodbye for now, they have other groups to communicate with this evening and they will continue with that and greet us again for more mutual learning in the new year. And my wife, Verna will be involved with this lady that I am talking to because she is to the group as Verna is to me. She is the ‘people person’ for want of a better word. Miriam (Ishia) – Very aptly put, wouldn’t it be lovely if there was more of the earth, so pure and lovely and well kept like that? Geoff – Yes and now I am leaving that area, floating upwards looking down, seeing the expanse getting wider and wider the higher I get. And we leave it, it is gone. Miriam (Ishia) – Are you on cloud nine? Geoff – Yes, that is brilliant. Miriam (Ishia) – It is such a wonderful place Geoff – Yes the harmony and love that is in there  

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