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In this meditation Verna and I are doing the healing, and the guide channeling through Miriam is John – 1989 Geoff:  I’m getting a scene – seems to be like Russia. There is a house – two houses together surrounded by pine trees. There’s heavy snow. I saw a person with a very thick hood, to protect them from the snow. There is a woman that has three children. They are very young – probably 2, 3 and 5 years old. There’s something wrong with the children, and for some reason she cannot get any help. The couple who live next door are very elderly. They will help if they can but they don’t have sufficient knowledge or skills or medicine, and for some reason this woman cannot get to the nearest town. She has no means of getting there. It’s a long way away, maybe 60, 70, 80 miles. There is no husband – he’s away working somewhere. Now I’ll see what is wrong with the children. It seems to me that her husband has gone to fetch wood – I can see lots of wood coming. The elderly couple next door and the mother are strong enough to put up with the cold, but not the children. I’m a bit unsure if what I’m seeing is right. Miriam (John) Perhaps you will let me know what you do see. This is John speaking. Geoff:  Welcome John…..One has an injury in the left eye. Miriam (John) That is right and this lady (Verna) is experiencing what you see. Geoff:  Yes, the father going to collect the wood made me assume that they were cold, but that’s not quite right. They are cold but that’s not the main problem. It’s the left eye of the eldest child. The eye is bleeding badly and I think the eye is lost. Miriam (John) Yes, that is right. It is giving tremendous pressure on the brain. Not serious yet but it could be. Geoff:  Also the mother is very distraught because of the father being away, her husband, there is nothing she can do. Miriam (John) She will soon feel the power that is coming from the gentleman (Luke) on the right. Geoff:  Right. What we must do is clean out the eye, and then to close it and seal it. I don’t know how it was damaged – I think with a branch Miriam (John) Yes. Geoff:  The eye came out and tore a lot of blood vessels at the back of the eye, which is what has caused the bleeding. Miriam (John) Quite right, quite right. Geoff:  We must clean out what’s inside, including the blood that is building up the pressure. In the socket itself- we can clean that out quite easily by visualising – just wiping away the walls of the socket, but then at the back there is severe bruising where the blood vessels were ripped when the eye came out Miriam (John) Yes, a lot of bruising Geoff:  Now that we’ve cleaned the socket, we must release the pressure on the bruising, which means that the bruising will bleed into the socket, which it will do very rapidly. Miriam (John) That is very good, very good indeed. Geoff:  Once this is done. Well, let’s do that first. It’s just a matter of making a tiny incision in four or five little areas in the back of the eye, and releasing the pressure so the blood comes into the socket of the eye, which we will do now. That’s released the pressure, now we must immediately take that blood out of the socket, which we may need to have the child face down……. Miriam (John) That’s what I was waiting for – to drain Geoff:  Yes, and the wife/mother is holding a cloth over the eye. While she has that cloth there we can give her a bit of assistance by, just cleaning out the rest of the socket onto the cloth. After wiping the child’s eye, she sits upright and the eye will be closed. It will stay closed automatically later on, but we must seal it now so that the infection or whatever doesn’t get in. Miriam (John) That is very, very good. I’m very pleased with the way you did that. That was not an easy subject to diagnose. Not an easy situation by any means but you did very well. Geoff:  Good. Miriam (John) The pressure already is diminishing. Geoff:  Alright, so we seal the eye – the mother will keep a cloth over it. She will look occasionally and see no blood – probably leave the cloth there, and everything will be fine. We must just give her a little bit of love, because of the trauma she’s going through – it’s like a shock because of the extreme frustration because there is nothing she can do- she believes, so we just calm her down by wrapping her in pink. Miriam (John) She wondering how these things happen so quickly but she is relieved.

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