Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation Eliza channels through Geoff. Geoff – And now I am back in the room with a young lady enclosed in a circle of negative vibrations, her child is nearby and will help when needed. Verna – Suddenly I am ice cold. Geoff –That is because your energy is being given to this woman, as is the energy from several other groups at the same time. Verna – I am actually freezing. Geoff – I will step into this circle of negative vibration with the woman and without any fear, and I can see many other groups sending their energy through this circle, through you Verna to me, and all this energy and love, white light, pink and silver I take with me into the circle, and put my arms around the young woman to show her a side of her life that she has not experienced, and I will ask her to come and talk through me, to you Verna…….(Geoff starts channelling) “My child has been taken, and you took her, I want her back” Verna – You can go to her, she is waiting for you. If you follow Geoff and come towards the light and your child is near me so if you look this way and you see some light, it is up to you to go to your child, it will be a very, very loving and a happy reunion, there is nothing to be afraid of, I can feel your fear because I am ice cold, but try and take some of the warmth that is being given to you. Talk to me some more, also remember your child is watching you, and needs you to be brave, that’s better, I am getting warmer now so I think you are, yes? Geoff (Eliza) – Yes. Verna – Isn’t it a lovely feeling? Geoff (Eliza) – It is foreign to me. Verna – And can you feel the love and the warmth from Geoff? He is so close to you. Geoff (Eliza) – I know someone is here behind me. Verna – Oh there are lots of people here, if you look around you will see lots of light and lots of people and you will feel lots of love from everybody, because we all love you, everybody loves you. Geoff (Eliza) – I can see all the people but I do not know which way is right for me, I sense from you the feeling that you want to take me, as you took my child, but I see Tanya smile. Verna – And you think it is in your mind that you see her smile. Geoff (Eliza) – No, I can see and feel ………. Verna – Oh I have gone cold again, don’t be cold, don’t be afraid… Geoff (Eliza) – I have protected us, Tanya and myself for a long, long time. We have protected ourselves with the black powers that I was taught to use and can you still….. Verna – I don’t want you to think of them, because we are all here with love and blessings, and we don’t like that and we don’t want you to think about them, otherwise we can’t help you, and so if you want our help and you want to help yourself and be with your child I am asking you not to even think about those powers, and I am not asking you nicely, I am asking you rather firmly to rather feel the love coming from us and the warmth and it is when you think of those. Geoff (Eliza) – I see your fear when I talk of black power, but it will not be used I am at a stage where my understanding is limited to what I know. Verna – What’s your name? Geoff (Eliza) – Eliza. Verna – Eliza, it is very important that you think of Tanya, now all I want you to think about is Tanya, I don’t want you to think about anyone else that is here, I don’t want you to think about anything that you have been through in the past, I have been asked by Tanya and all the friends with her that all you think about is Tanya, and you will see her more clearly and that is the path that you will follow. Now see if you can do that. Just think of Tanya’s face and you will see it more clearly, don’t think of what you used to do and what you know, think of what you can know and what you can learn and how much better things can be, and how much nicer life will be for you. How wonderful it will be to be with Tanya, think of all the good things, and being free. Wouldn’t that be lovely? Geoff (Eliza) – I would like to tell you what I see for there is a calm in me, I would like to talk but without committing myself to your religion. On my right there is a deep dark black hole which I know contains an energy which I have used in the past and which I know I can use again if I so wish, on my left I have you with Tanya behind and many other people or whatever who are holding out their hands and their hearts to me to join them………. The tape ends, but she did connect with her daughter after a lot more coaxing.

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