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March 2022. Deep lesson for all Crystal lovers

25 March 2022 Crystal energies in Earth for Nature and Animals (and humans), and under the ocean bed for Fish and everything there.  A regular Guide talks through Geoff

So tonight, we are going to talk about crystals.

Now all the crystals, according to your culture, have a certain vibration and they are good for specific things. This information again, has been handed down through generations. What do you think happens with the crystals, where do you think they get their energy from and how do they work?

S: Earth, because they come from the Earth. And?

How is that energy used?  Let’s answer the first question. Where do they get their energy from?

S: Earth. Because that is where they come from. But once they are out of the Earth, from everything, planets, stars, sun, moon, you name it. Because they channel energy.

Yes, there are crystals throughout the Earth’s crust. And they have been formed over millions of years. And the energy that they pick up is from distant different planets. So, planets go into the crystals and there are different types, different colors.

So how is the crystal energy used? Why does this one cure this and this one cure that?

S: Is it color related?

Um, yes, it’s colors that you don’t know of at this stage.

S: Yes, but no. lol.

Let’s just go back a step. There’s a variety of crystals and we know where the energy comes from. Which was where did you say?

S: The planets.

Yes. So, are all the planets the same energy?

S: No. So specific planets (energies) into specific crystals.

Correct. And how does that link up with astrology?

S: Which is why they have associated crystals to certain star signs. 

Ok, now the important part, how are crystals used?

S: They are used in healing. People just love them; they are attracted to them.

Mmm, how is the energy in a crystal used? What creates that energy? What gets it out into the open?

What you need, to draw the energy from crystal is……?

S: Thought. Or touch.

Just explain a little more.

Imagine a crystal sitting on a rock and you walk past that crystal.

S: loving it because it just vibrates that energy. Sunshine, air, everything around it. It just vibrates that energy.

There’s a little more to it than that. What activates a crystal. We know it stores energy. We know it stores different types of energy. What activates that energy?

 S Other energies.

You are thinking too hard, it’s simpler than you think. How would you use a crystal?

S: With intention. Again touch. Holding it.

Yes. So, if you hold it, what activates the energy?

S: My energy.

Yes, so you pick up the energy, knowing that this crystal is good for a specific thing, and as you hold it, that activates the crystal to send that energy where you want it to go. So, you humans, basically, activate all the crystals. Again, we can’t activate crystals from here, it has to be through you

So now think of some colors of crystals. What crystals would you use for specific types of healing?

S: So here we can link them to the chakras. There are the zodiac signs as well. But generally blue stones will work on the throat chakra, communication. Yellow ones for the solar plexus and for emotions and sensing. Green and pink are generally used for the heart chakra. But ya, I would kind of link them to the chakras. Amethyst for the 3rd eye. Then again, some of them have different energies which they can be used specifically for. So although they are color connected, relating to all the chakra’s, I know that there are specific ones that have specific energies.

What you have developed so far will be the average of what you’re told basically ~ is that these specific colours do specific things. What they don’t realise is there is a whole variety, if you take an amethyst for example, it’s one colour, but if you look at the spectrum of an amethyst, it goes from one extreme to the other. And as you use it, all those colours are available for you to use, not just the one. What do you think of it’s just one, and it does just this? But what it actually does is a lot of things on the outside, surrounding that.

 S: It’s the same with all of them, rose quartz as well, all of them, yes.

 Now it doesn’t matter if you use the wrong crystal for a specific idea. It’s a bit like somebody brings you a bunch of flowers and you think you like yellow flowers but there are some red ones there and you like the red ones as well. So when you pick up a crystal, if you use the wrong information, we can change that information, because your thought is the right way. So we will correct that information for you and 99% of the time you simply don’t know. 

Now people have never needed to learn all this about crystals. But then you look at all the crystals that are surrounding the Earth, in all of the Earth’s crust there are crystals from one extreme to the other. And there is a whole variety of different colours, and of course they are all filled with energy from different planets. Now it is all available for use, but nobody is really using it to its true value, to its true extent. You use what you know, that’s all…. But you could for instance, with your awareness now of nature, you could look upon an area the size of a huge field, you could visualize all the Crystals below that and then visualize all the different colours and then draw the energy out.

Now that is something you must try, because you are very aware now, you will become even more aware. Now when you are healing big things in nature, this works very very well because you can draw in a huge amount of energy and send it to a huge area.

Now for individuals, what you will do is, once you start working on that level, you’d imagine this huge number of crystals, there’s a field full of crystals with all the different colours, you would bring in all the energy into one being, and put it into one person. So what you are doing is you are refilling them with all the energies that are missing. So for instance when granny was about to pass over, you could have done exactly the same thing. Not that it was necessary then and you did nothing wrong. But that’s an idea, an option rather, of what can be done.

Now you will be doing these in future. And these will link up to thought is creation. If I can give you an example, you will be walking along next to a field and the field will be full of horses and the horses don’t look too good, and you will think “ah, they should be in better condition”’; that simple thought will draw in all that energy and send it to the horses. That is a huge amount of energy. Now, you haven’t been able to do that before but now simply having the knowledge that this can be done, it’s an automated process in your body and that is exactly what will happen. So now you must understand that when you are walking around anywhere, walking, driving, flying, simply because you are thinking the right way, you are automatically using the process of using all of these crystals and sending it to everybody who needs. Or everybody that you see that needs. So, you can’t just blanket a whole country. Good theory but it doesn’t work too well.

S: Focus the energy.

Yes. So, you direct energy. Now this is particularly useful for when you pass for instance, a car accident, it’s simply a matter of you drive past, and the thought is automatically there. You don’t have to stop and think about it. The thought is automatically there. Now, it works mainly on plants, animals and so on. It works on humans of course. But mainly it’s to do with nature, healing animals and so on. Nature where it needs more development. A building site for example.

S: It’s a beautiful energy to play with.

It is indeed. Now that energy is mainly to be used for animals and nature and so on. What do you think is at the bottom of the ocean?

S: I’m getting sidetracked by coral.

Again, let your mind pick it up, it is simpler than you think.

So there are crystals under the earth’s surface that are used for nature and animals. It can be used on humans. In the ocean there is…

S: also crystals.

Yes, that’s right, covered in years and years of silt. But with the underwater eruptions, these are brought to the surface and so on, and it does exactly the same thing. Except there is nobody really there to use it. Now that’s why you can draw so much energy from the sea, it’s been built up over the years but all that energy is there. And you can access it.

Now just imagine the size of the ocean. It’s a huge solid energy that is there but imagine how much energy is there. Absolutely huge. Now, that looks after fish and coral and all the bits and pieces there. It won’t be used for, it won’t be used by you, for a long time. But you will find later that it is available for use, and maybe we can show you at a later stage, how it can be used. It gets a little bit more complicated.

S: And when people swim in the ocean, so they get that energy as well.

Yes, they do. They pick up that energy. A very refreshing energy. They feel invigorated.

S: I’m getting a sense that it is only due to crystals that this planet is still alive. Lol.

Lol. That seems to be all there is on crystals.

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